5 Things Matter In Digital Marketing


Nowadays there is a general complaint that the youth does not read much and their exposure to print media is less. Comparatively they are much knowledge of the current happenings in and around the world. They are also quick in accessing the information from their favorite digital media. Digital media has now become the integral part of every body’s life and it too has its own profound effect on the society. When the majority of them prefer the digital media, MCTA delivers emerging concept related to it.

Digital marketing is a term refers to the marketing of products or services using digital technologies. It principally includes the Internet. At the same time it also considers all the other digital media counting mobile phones, display advertising, and any other form of digital medium. Digital marketing also make use of social media to advertise about its products. However MCTA, a well known digital marketing courses in Thane speaks well that covers most of the industry required syllabus.

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Revenue of digital market :

Google and Facebook Inc. found to have the largest share U.S. digital advertising market in 2015. Interactive Advertising Bureau mentioned in its annual report that the business Online advertising revenue in the U.S. reached a record of $59.6 billion, up 20 percent from 2014. Besides, Google and Facebook claimed that they had generated 64% of revenue from digital marketing. This is evidence that this digital marketing is creating good revenue and this is also a proof that digital marketing is a great success.

Five Key factors for successful digital marketing

Now the trend is towards online shopping and the emergence of many B2B portals portray the growth and flourish of doing business through digital marketing. We also come across offers of online shoppers being advertised in various other media grabbing the attention of the customers. When the trend is towards digital marketing it is important to know some of the key factors of successful digital marketing concept.

Understand the customer

One must have the thorough knowledge of the demographic factors and psychographic factors of his digital audiences. The age, gender, occupation, income of the customers will play a massive role in the decision making process to buy a product. Imagine a luxury product is targeted towards an economically weaker section. There the entire process is an utter waste. So it is very essential that one must have absolute knowledge about the customer before targeting them.

Flawless Communication

Be clear in communicating the message. It must pull him towards the product purchase. Uncertainties in conveying the meaning will a failure!

Choosing appropriate media

There are many digital media and one must carefully select his media of marketing. Based on his target audience and nature of the product appropriate media must be chosen.

Media Strategy

Apply the strategy according to the media. Mobile is different from internet. Facebook is different from blog. Identify suitable media strategy and apply it.

Engage with your content

As the digital media always have a possibility for immediate communication and feedback utilize this to customize and engage your customer.