Traditional Marketing v/s Digital Marketing


Effective marketing can create a real difference to a business’s sales whether it is in the form of traditional or digital marketing. Both forms of marketing differ in various ways, some of the points are listed below:

traditional marketing vs digital marketing

Why Choose Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing?

Budget Differences :
Advertising on social media is comparatively inexpensive than traditional ways of advertising i.e. t.v., newspaper, radio, billboards and fliers.

Reach :
Through digital marketing, by using  social media channels, businesses can reach thousands of people, it opens a doorway to the global audience and broadens the customer base. Digital marketing allows promotion to get a 24/7 exposure all over the year.

Interactive Platform :
Digital marketing gives you an easy access to your target audience, and opens up a two-way communication channel, and increases the response time, in a far more better way than traditional marketing.

Targeting your audience :
Through digital marketing, one can target their audience on the basis of demographic, psycho-graphic and geographic which is not so easy with traditional advertising. Digital Marketing also provides you with insights and analytics  to track engagement levels, and helps create a  database of the potential audience. However, with traditional marketing, one can’t measure nor one can ensure whether marketing strategies are moving in the right direction.

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Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing – Which One To Choose?

There are plenty of reasons to move towards digital marketing, many industries such as banking, health, insurance and more are already online. Traditional marketing still has a role to play in advertising, but the transition towards digital marketing is happening faster than before.

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