Difference between SEO and SEM


Search engines play an important role for businesses as they tend to utilise them for advertising, gathering data and even to keep track of competition. Search engines are not only important for customer service but also much needed by professionals to stay ahead in their careers.  This requires  good knowledge along with  dedication to keep pace with the fastest moving industry. These are the basics of digital marketing and has become necessary for professionals to understand the meaning in depth as to what lies behind the search engines.

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The terms SEO and SEM are frequently used to define and create search engine strategies and both these terms mean different things. SEO,  stands for search engine optimization, refers to how businesses can improve their search ranking organically on search engines. Whereas, SEM, means search engine marketing – how local businesses grow search engine referrals.

Search Engine Marketing :

Search engine marketing is gaining visibility on search engine through optimization tactics and advertising. This includes paid promotion to increase traffic. SEM also includes banner advertising, pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click (CPC), Google Adwords,  SEO tactics and other search marketing methods. Paid search usually focuses on a bidding system, where the advertiser who pays the highest wins the bid and gets the most prominent place on the page to reflect his ads and is charged on basis of clicks.

Search Engine Optimization :

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a part of SEM’s umbrella. SEO improves a website’s ranking organically, through page utilisation strategies  such as keyword density, frequent original content updates, social sharing and sitemaps to get results. Off-page optimization includes social bookmarking, backlinks to other quality sites and keywords in the anchor text.

Which one is better?

For instance, a website can have a good SEO strategy and no SMO strategy, still it can drive results  organically over a period of time. But, there are chances that it misses the potential of serving a greater customer base and the growth rate could be slower.

SEM holds the advantage that it generates instant traffic, and useful traffic, provided the ad campaigns are targeted well. Whereas, SEO is a more longer term and utilizes best practice web design standards, good original content, page optimization and a good link building are tactics of SEO, to keep the page optimised and high on ranking.

Companies who have invested in SEO or SEM are bound to see result only when these optimisation techniques are used in the right way.  Always remember,  SEO and SEM strategies constantly evolve and takes time to show results. We, at MCTA, can help you get started, we provide the best SEO Courses in Navi Mumbai enabling you to understand best techniques used in search optimisation. Whether it is SEO or SEM, the rankings should be secondary goal,  the primary goal should be to maximize the amount of relevant and qualified traffic to your website.

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