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Gone are the days when marketer had to drive one-on-one consumer communication. Today, consumers have access to information at their fingertips. Digital marketing allows you to capitalise on this opportunity, by leveraging techniques that maximise reach and convert leads into customers. Social media as a platform is not only for building one’s brand but also to increase sales and generate real leads for your business. In today’s era, lead generation through digital marketing is cost effective, and gives results.

With good strategies in place and by utilising content, social media and email marketing along with paid ad campaigns one can target potential customers and track data for each lead. Social media has a much higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. 23% of internet users spend most of their time on social networks & blogs, giving you access to a ready audience and opportunity to convert them into sale leads.

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Some channels to generate leads online:

  • Social Media: On social media, it is important to pick the right channel for your business. For instance, B2B marketers generate leads through LinkedIn and B2C marketers focus more on facebook. Social media gives you enough tools to know and target your demographic audience. Paid campaigns – such as facebook ads can be be budget-friendly and give your brand a good reach. Many enterprises also create communities online, to get their brand loyalist on board. It becomes necessary to keep these communities engaged with relevant content, thus, your goal should be to learn which channel provides you with the most opportunities to reach customers and then adapt effectively to speak their language with tailored content.
  • Online Advertising Tools: Online advertising tools like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads provide you with opportunities to target the specific audience that might fit your business need. A good understanding of targeting keywords for your relevant audience can make you ace this domain.
  • Email Marketing: Many businesses send out newsletters and promotions on emails and it is an essential part of any online lead building strategy. The advantage lies here is that your message gets delivered in your prospect’s inbox, increasing the probability getting read. Targeted advertising helps you channel the sales funnel and reach to your relevant audience.

Secret Sauce for Lead Generation: A Good Social Media Strategy :

The first step is to find the right channel for your business- it could be Facebook or LinkedIn – be where your audience is. Develop a digital marketing strategy with a focus on long term goals as to what you want to achieve from your process. Understand the audience you plan to target, research on the keywords for your target audience, this will help you build a connect and reach them better. Work on a content and a digital marketing strategy with a clear focus, consistent voice and message. Online marketing thrives on engagement, so, engage with other, network well and form an engaged community by sharing relevant content, responding to your audience queries and creating a two way communication channel. For a greater brand presence, cross promote on other channels, which are in sync with your business or brand guidelines. Do ensure that you monitor your social media, and track results. Use Google Analytics to track, analyse and streamline the entire process of lead generation. There are many other tools such as Kissmetrics, Cyfe etc. that help you measure ROI, by setting up goals to measure the value of the social interactions with conversions. If the results are not what you had anticipated, consider re-working on strategy.

With the above methods for generating leads online, should put your business ahead. A well defined digital marketing strategy can lift your business and transform processes. If you have any questions or need suggestions to get started with Lead generation through social media? Let us know or call us on 9821899890 for more details.