Best Digital Marketing Tools for Understanding Your Customers


Small business entrepreneurs are always on a lookout to promote their business, create visibility to reach the masses, increase business sales within a shoestring budget. With the advent of technology, the speed of business growth has increased, the market landscape has become very competitive and the best way to thrive the competition is through digital marketing, which has become more of a necessity than an option.

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Why should small business entrepreneurs learn digital marketing?

1. To create brand awareness: One can grow their brand online organically, without investing large amounts of money. It is more cost effective than print and TV advertising and thus gives you a more targeted approach, as you can target your advertisements to your selected demographics, geographies and much more. Going digital gives your brand the identity, builds awareness and generates traffic. It gets you the first few users and helps in lead generation.

2.  Budget friendly: You can use a combination of digital marketing tools to get the right fit for you brand. For instance, SEO, is cost-effective and increases your website’s  visibility and  increases traffic to the website. Using the right tools and digital marketing channels will help you promote your brand online and generate sales even in a small budget.

3. Smart business: Content marketing, digital marketing, blogging, and email marketing are some of the basics in online world, and these channels serves mainly three purposes, awareness, branding and customer acquisition. Social media can be used to narrate your brand story, run online campaigns and acquire customers. From publishing relevant content to sending customisable, personal message to your customer are some of the tactics to increase your business reach. The best part is that most of tools used in digital marketing have a measurable ROI, so you can measure to the extent as to how  you can communicate with an audience of any size. Learning these digital marketing tools will aid you with knowledge on how digital marketing works and it becomes easier for you; not only to promote your own brands online but also to monitor your digital marketing team or agencies, with whom you are working.

4. World wide exposure: With digital marketing the whole world is your target audience. The reach is unlimited and that too with cost effective investment. Many brands have made it big through digital marketing.

For instance, Funzio – a 20 person startup social gaming company, launched their game, Crime City, and they decided to advertise through Facebook. They ran the first group of ads based on major English-speaking countries, and then they brooded those ads to more countries. The user-tracking feature was incorporated to figure out which targeted demographic had the best retention, engagement, and monetization results to reach the prime audience. The results were magnificent, Crime City had 2 million monthly, active users in the beginning of the campaign. Three months later, the game had 6.5 million monthly, active users and 900,000 daily users. The ad campaign’s impression total was over 5 billion. Successful target demographics had a click-through rate as high as 0.3%.

5. Easy to learn: Learning the knick knacks of digital marketing from a professional digital marketing training institute will make you industry ready with the required knowledge, practical experience and exposure to tools and processes, enabling you to have better control over your business and cutting the cost of hiring agencies.  At MCTA, our digital marketing courses have been designed by industry experts, who have decades of experience in the online world. Learning directly from the industry experts will give you a clear understanding of the process. We offer a wide variety of training programs in order to suit your convenience or work schedule and help you attain a quick grasp of digital marketing basics.

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Always remember, running a startup or a small business on a shoestring budget is hard enough. If you are able to keep marketing costs down and leap on to the successful digital opportunities, you will be able to improve your brand’s identity without sacrificing a large budget.