Digital Marketing Opportunities


Digital marketing means advertising through digital mediums such as emails, social media marketing, websites, and applications etc. Digital marketing helps in promoting the product or services through marketing with the digital mediums as against the traditional and conventional ways of marketing. Digital advertising helps in evaluating the marketing campaigns and take steps to improve the advertising patterns. Digital marketing training course in Navi Mumbai offers courses to enhance the marketing across the web and offer cost-effective and reliable solutions. Digital marketing has strong aspect and definitely should be taken upon for the following reasons:

1. Increases in demand for the jobs: With the growth of internet users, opportunities in the field of digital marketing is growing manifolds like, Facebook alone has over 110 Million users in India. According to TOI, India will cross 730M Internet users by 2020. And India will have the use of the internet with the highest growth numbers. Thus, digital marketing has s strong aspect and definitely should be opted as a career. There are more than 150000 jobs to be expected by 2020 in India. Technical and analytical jobs are always in highest demand in a digital marketing career.

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2. Freelance your career: if you want to work as a freelancer, digital marketing offers a plethora of choices for you, you can market through emails, build website content, design websites and do a lot of tasks independently and work as a freelancer for the projects. Digital marketing offers flexibility for building one’s own portfolio and enhance the career opportunities.

3. High paying Jobs: The jobs in digital marketing are highly paid and offer varied profiles suiting to individual interests and profile. The average fresher salary would be starting 10, 000- 15, 000 and can increase up to lacs with experience and level. The demand for digital marketing is more than the supply which has to lead to a higher salary of the employees.

4. Ample career choices: There are varied profiles in digital marketing like executive, specialist, team leader, analyst, and head of the department of digital marketing pertaining to the technical and nontechnical specifications and also depending on the years of experience in the industry. There are lots of opportunities for growth in the industry. The industry is still evolving and organizations offer various roles and profiles depending on the type of work and brand.

Therefore digital marketing is the most opted career in today’s digital and globalised world Digital marketing institute in thane offers digital marketing courses which includes teaching of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Display Advertising (Banner Ads), Content Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Email & Mobile Marketing which are the major aspects of digital marketing course.