Remarketing/Retargeting is the unique strategy of making your visitors revisit your products or the brand you’re trying to endorse even after they left your site. Remarketing campaigns are highly targeted and can be performed across various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Search Engine etc.

Remarketing is very helpful and a clever way to strategize and implement your campaigns which works very well , the reason being that people will likely buy what they have already seen and are very much keen to buy the product. Remarketing is more powerful tool to improve your business ROI.

94% of the visitors actually leave without purchasing the product and about 40% of the customers will browse your website up to 4-5 times before they make the purchase.

What remarketing does is that it lessens and minimizes manpower to promote your products constantly because retargeting specifically targets only those who are keen and interested to buy the product. It is all based on user interest.

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There are 4 types of remarketing strategies:

Display Remarketing : Display remarketing is the most popular and common type of remarketing. It’s based mainly on the display ads wherein you divert and grab attention of those who left your website.

Search Remarketing: As the name suggests, search remarketing means that whenever someone searches keyword in the search engine that will show up your product on your website.

Social Media Remarketing:- Pretty sure everyone has gone through or seen an ad on your Facebook or Instagram after days or a week of searching the product or hovering over it. That is exactly what social media remarketing is.

Email Marketing: If you are more focused to run an email marketing campaign to remarket your products , it is highly advisable that you do apply this strategy because honestly this works the best amongst all.


TIPS to remarket efficiently:

  • Always keep in mind what your motive is and what is your intent.
  • Try to have more than one remarketing lists that strategize to different demographics.
  • One of the most important remarketing tactics is to build a remarketing list of abandon cart, customers who have seen a product or some holiday package and have added to their cart but not have actually made a conversion or bought the product , so it’s a clever and an optimistic way to remarket these customers adding some emotional value to it by mentioning “Hurry soon! Offers are valid only for two days”.

If used in perfect way a remarketing campaign can muster up excellent reputation and great sale to your business.
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