Online Reputation Management


  1. Not responding to comments, reviews and complaints: When comments , reviews and complaints are ignored they put a very bad and a negative influence on your business and that basically allows them to assume your brand look shrewd and rude even when that was not your intention. So you as a brand have to keep in mind that taking, appreciating and responding accordingly to the feedback is a must.

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  1. No authenticity: No authenticity=No uniqueness. When you’re not unique, you tend to duplicate and imitate other influencers and your competitors which is a big no when it comes to elevating your brand and creating brand awareness. A brand should be genuine and should always maintain prior messaging which should be aligned with your persona and your brand.


  1. Posting fake reviews: Avoid posting fake reviews, that is probably the worst you can do which might get you in a lot of trouble as you will get caught one day or the other.

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  1. Not asking for reviews: You get an idea when people are satisfied with the services you provide and even if they are not, it should be a top priority to ask for reviews , google reviews , Facebook reviews etc. After all it is reviews that make or break your reputation because people always see other reviews when they look for your website.



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  1. Never ignore influencers: When you publish content without outsourcing  it becomes a complete waste of time and energy. Take an example of a business owner that has recently opened a shop nearby and has an amazing product but he does not indulge in bringing new business, that means he does not do brand awareness. So such things should be avoided.

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  1. Getting followers just for the sake of it: Getting followers for the sake of increasing your follower count is just a temporary move that won’t last long and is so not feasible because having 400,000 followers that give you 0 engagement is a drawback and a setback to the company and your brand name. I’d rather prefer having 10 loyal people who are a die-hard fans of my brand that give me engagement, show some credibility, and spread the word of mouth to their friends to outgrow and outsource my brand.

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  1. Never have inactive social media platforms: If there is no particular reason as to why you would have a profile on a platform that you quite often don’t use, then why have one? I have seen people who start vigorously and extensively use social media platform for some days, weeks or months. Then they get bored and switch to another one. And hence they end up having so many profiles all over the internet. So the conclusion is that you need to be selective with the social media platforms that you use. Pick up 2-5 social media platforms and do use it daily. De-clutter and deactivate the accounts that have been inactive past few months.

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