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Are you running an online business? As a business venture in the online scenario, you must realize the importance of social media marketing (SMM) towards ensuring the overall success of your business. As such, it becomes vital for the business organizations out there to promote the respective products & services at some of the leading social media platforms on the online platform.

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Social media can serve to be a major platform for promoting your online business. A majority of the world’s population is actively involved in different social media platforms for accessing a wide range of products & services online. Therefore, you can leverage the same to your advantage by promoting your business on the leading social media platforms as soon as possible. The advent of the social media scenario in the Internet industry has truly modified the entire online industry with respect to effective advertising and marketing. If you are looking forward to harnessing the power of different social media platforms to your advantage, here are some of the top social media platforms that you must know about:


With over 2 Billion users from across the corners of the world, Facebook is one of the topmost social media platforms out there. With such a wide outreach, Facebook has the potential to give your business the widest possible outreach amongst the desired target audience. In addition to this, the option of selecting the paid promotions as well as post targeting in Facebook happens to be one of the most accurate and convenient ways of promoting your business. As such, when it comes to online promotion & advertising, Facebook is the most preferred social media channel out there.

How to Use: If you wish to make use of Facebook for promoting your online business, you can go forward with creating a separate page of your brand or business. Try creating a user-friendly page with attractive images and posts. Be as detailed as possible about your business with respect to the description, full address, and contact information of your brand. Through this Facebook page, you can send promotional messages & posts to the target audience out there.


This is yet another very popular social media platform that you can utilize for promoting your brand & business online. As per a recent survey, it was observed that around 65 percent of the B2B organizations across the world make use of the LinkedIn platform for promoting the company objectives. As a leading social media network that is accepted globally, LinkedIn consists of several informative posts, blogs, research articles, and descriptions about businesses out there.

How to Use: On LinkedIn, you can move ahead with creating a highly professional and informative profile of your brand or business. Try keeping the content on the portal to-the-point and precise. You can promote the business by sharing the current affairs & trends in your business niche through the regular posts & blogs on LinkedIn. You can also leverage the given platform by making relevant connections and participating in active conversations with the end users.


Though many business owners might not be aware of this social media network, Google+ is the personal social media platform of Google. This is a famous SEO-oriented social media network that aims at promoting the services of the online businesses effectively. By using this social media platform, you can be convinced about reaching out to a larger group of the target audience. The promotional activities on Google+ can help businesses in ranking higher quite easily. Moreover, one of the biggest advantages of making use of Google+ is that it allows the ease of logging into the respective accounts or subscribing to the same on your website.

 How to Use: You can move forward with creating a business account on Google+. You can utilize the account for getting your business on Google Maps. Over here, you can also promote the reviews of the customers or ask them to write down proper reviews about your business. You can also post blogs with respect to your business niche occasionally on the given platform.


With over 300 million active users from across the corners of the world, Twitter is a popular micro-blogging website that still stands out as a famous social media platform out there. One of the biggest advantages offered by Twitter is the overall ease of developing connections amongst some of the major players in the respective fields. Another great feature of Twitter that you can make use of as a business organization is a specialized feature of “re-tweeting” which enhances the overall chances of the official tweets going viral on the Internet.

 How to Use: You can start off with creating business profiles on Twitter. As the founder of the business, you must create a separate profile on Twitter for yourself as well. After this, you can tweet around on the platform as a business organization & individual as well for increasing the overall connectivity. You can also take part in useful, trending topics on the social media channel. You can also move ahead with posting tags & photographs relevant to your business niche for enhanced exposure.

The leading online social media platforms out there offer a plethora of benefits for the business organizations out there. If you are new to the online business scenario, you can learn about effective social media marketing (SMM) strategies by joining some lucrative digital marketing courses in Mumbai. Make the most of the information on such platforms towards promoting the products & services of your business. Have a great time!