Digital Marketing Plan For Startups

The manner in which marketing has changed over the past couple of years has significantly affected the way business run as a majority of them have shifted digitally to build a presence of their brand.
In order to keep pace with the changing scenario, it is necessary to adopt new strategies and keep in touch with the current trends so that you can apply them subsequently for the benefit of your services and to garner a number of customers. You can learn some of the effective strategies with the help of the best digital marketing institute in Navi Mumbai.

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Here are some of the ways in which you can create a digital marketing plan for start-ups:

1. Email Marketing

Although email strategies are dying away slowly, these still deliver a good return on investment to the marketers. It is estimated that around 122% of the ROI is generated through this strategy which is certainly impressive in its own way. This return has been highest among different channels such as social media, direct mail, and even paid search. Moreover, the email campaign is certainly not expensive and offers great leads in return. To make sure that your campaign runs successfully, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind:
• Make sure that the subject line is catchy and engaging.
• You must avoid using jargons in your email copy and make sure that it uses persuasive language.
• You should be able to brief the benefits that your brand would be offering.
• Make sure to optimize the emails for mobile devices.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the market these days and a majority of marketers have supported this strategy which has certainly increased its exposure toward a large number of market opportunities. The benefits of social media marketing are many some of which include increased exposure and traffic generation, improved rankings and lead generation. Not only this, but it also initiates an increase in sales and helps in establishing thought leadership.

3. Pay-per-Click Marketing

PPC is one of the marketing methods that make use of search engine advertising in order to increase traffic for your website. Moreover, it helps in garnering sales-ready leads. Apart from that, here are some of the benefits that you get with this strategy:
• It helps you in reaching out to customers at the right time.
• You get to control that amount that you want to spend on marketing
• You need not to worry about the results
• You get data insights into how you can sharpen your marketing strategies.
• You get instant results
The budget that is used in the PPC campaigns often gets exhausted quickly which is why it requires a certain kind of expertise to run a successful campaign that would generate more number of conversions than clicks.

4. Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization is of the tools that can help in increasing the traffic of your website and also improves its ranking if done correctly. Also, SEO is important as it indicates that people can trust in your brand. It is advised that you use the best SEO practices in order to increase sales and generate leads for your website. If your company is new to the digital marketing tactics, it is advised that you hire a trusted SEO company to help you with the lead generation task. You need to know about the importance of using the right keywords in your content and make it as relevant and original as possible if you wish to maintain the ranking of the website. Know more about effective SEO marketing with the help of digital marketing training in Mumbai.

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is gaining a lot of popularity these days and it is said that at least 84% of the total marketers happen to launch new marketing campaigns every twelve years or so. Moreover, the entire marketing campaign is highly effective in generating leads and can prove to be an effective tool to grow the brand’s popularity. As one should utilize the social media platforms to the maximum as they are free to use and prove to be effective in increasing the brand value. This is one of the cheapest ways as compared to other promotional strategies which can prove to be successful in building a strong client base.

6. Affiliate Marketing

It can be considered as an alternative to influencer marketing as it is responsible for bringing in sales. You just need to develop a strategy on how you wish to initiate your business idea and just put yourself out there. Customers who might not be convinced with your services at first might need to a few more impressions so that they can become your customers. You can even use various analytics tools to analyze the performance of your strategies and make changes in them if required. You can even provide customized links in order to affiliate your brand and use it on social media pages as a link to get the customers to your page.

7. Viral Marketing

This is one of the most impactful marketing strategies that you can adapt to create awareness about your brand. By creating content that would go viral and influence the people in a positive way, you can build up the reputation of your brand quickly. Use the social media platforms in the best possible way to put forward your content and make it visible to as many audiences. Creating viral content is one of the toughest things today as you never know what might strike with the audience instantly. However, one thing is for sure, content that is fresh and tells a story in the most interesting manner is always in the win-win situation. Thus, keep a close watch on the trends and what people like so that you have a fair idea of developing content. You can use either writing or video generation as two of the major influencers that would help to spread brand awareness.

Well, these were some of the ways in which you can develop a marketing plan for your start-up and use the online platform to the best potential to generate leads and followers. Know more about the best digital marketing plan from the digital marketing training institute Navi Mumbai.