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The Google AdWords Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool are one of the important components of Search Engine Marketing. This tool in the Google Adwords account help in identifying the reason behind the disappearance of any extension.

There is a lot to say about this tool, but before that, let’s understand what Search Engine Marketing is.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is a form of online advertising in which websites are promoted by increasing their visibility in SERPs through advertising. The aim of this technique is to improve the ranking of the websites on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). At the optimization of the search engine, paid search is used by utilizing PPC, which is pay-per-click as the user pays when the link is clicked.

About Google AdWords Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tool

Google AdWords is one of the most popular paid search engine advertising platform used by the search engine marketers for improving their website ranking and increasing the traffic on their website.
Google AdWords Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tool are provided by Google to allow the marketers to check their advertisement status and the display of their advertisement in a different format. The tool helps the search engine marketers to troubleshoot different issues with the ads and evaluate the display format for betterment.

The preview of a Google search result page is also shown with the help of this tool when a search is made with a specific term. After that, the user can view and observe the different ads and extensions that are appearing for a particular term.

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User Guidance for Google Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool

The user would have to input few easy things with the help of this tool, such as the search term for which the result is obtained, the country-specific domain, the preferred language, the destination or location, and the device for which the ads can be checked. The user has to learn SEM to make sure the tool is utilized without harming the performance of the ads. The Google Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool will let the user know if the ad is eligible to appear in that situation. This tool has the following features:

• The tool suggests some search terms and provides auto-completion as the user types through the search engine

• The tool makes sure to check the ad extension and visualizes the user by showing the ad associated with that particular keyword.

• The tool lets the user know any errors in showing the ads with their possible causes

• The preview of the ads does not appear in the tool when the campaign reaches its daily allotted budget

• The advertisers can preview their ads based on the ads shown to their audience

• The targeting of the audience will help the advertisers to preview the ads displayed for their target audience

• The advertisers can view the format of their ad appeared in the higher or lower of the page

• The specific ads which are not shown can be previewed by the advertisers, and they can take necessary actions for this

Importance of Google Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool

Improve Brand Awareness

This tool can be utilized by marketers in improving their brand awareness to a huge extent. There may be times, when the specific ads meant for target group are shown to them, in this scenario this tool can identify the faults and rectify the mistakes in that spot.

Improving Communication

This tool can help marketers to improve their communication with their customers. It is a great way to increase their communication with the clients and previews their messages so that any miscommunication is avoided.

Identify the Potential Clients

This preview tool helps the company to identify different segments of customers and know their target group in a better way. They can identify potential clients by evaluating the sources through people are searching for their product and services.

Faster Result

As compared with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this tool provides more opportunity for the advertisers in obtaining high performance without any faults. The marketers can also get reviews and performance evaluation on a daily basis so that they can understand their effectivity of the advertisements.

Gain Competitive Advantage

The Google AdWords and Analytics are two most sought after marketing tools utilized in the era of digitalization. Therefore, it is to make sure that they gain a competitive advantage over others, as they will get more audience preference and popularity with the appropriate usage of these diagnosis and preview tool.

Outrank Competitor’s Ads

AdWords provides witty techniques to outrank competitors’ ads. There are automatic bidding strategies that advertiser can take for outranking the ads of their competitors. It can be utilized in a smart way to beat the competition and gain an edge over the competitors.

Influence the Audience for Purchase ­–

It rarely happens that an audience purchases something on the first visit to any website. As there are many valuable sources of information, customers tend to evaluate different options and get the desired amount of knowledge before purchasing. However, when a customer hails through a website, the customer falls into the trap of purchase funnel and appears on Google Display Network, from where the company can target the customer and influence to make a purchase.

Improve Ad Visibility – The most important function performed by this tool is to customize the display of their ads so that the customers can view the ads, which are set preferred by the advertisers. The company segments the customers and brings ads accordingly, which are being prompted by this tool.

Analyze and Improve

The Google Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool provides the opportunity to the advertisers to preview their ads, and analyze their performance with the specific set of loyal customers and therefore, gain their valuable feedback for improving the ads and increase their ranking.


The benefits and importance of Google Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool are not limited; they can be improved and utilized according to the preference and taste of the advertisers.
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