Life as Digital Marketer

The genre of marketing has achieved new heights with the incorporation of digital technology, and the common question that may come into the minds of the customer is “what is digital marketing?”

For understanding this, you must unravel the meaning of digital marketing and role of a digital marketer.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the most appropriate way of providing recognition of a brand and depicts the brand message in front of a large audience in an online platform. It utilizes different platforms such as the internet, wireless text messaging, mobile applications, instant messaging, podcasts, electronic billboards, digital television, and radio to be able to spread a brand message, monitor what content is getting more popular, depict sales conversion, and modify marketing efforts.

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Who is a Digital Marketer?

Simply put, a digital marketer is a professional who has an established career in digital marketing. The digital marketer is given the responsibility of strategically designing the marketing efforts of a company online, with the help of internet to promote the products and services on digital media.

Specifications for Digital Marketers

Digital marketers are the expert professional in the field of utilizing digital technology for marketing. They are trained and certified professionals who can understand the company’s requirements and then work out their individual plan as they take up the digital marketing career path.

The individuals interested to start a career in digital marketing should be certified by completing a bachelor’s degree in a specialized field. Digital marketers can also specialize in digital sales, search engine optimization, internet marketing, and others.

The candidates having a bachelor and master degree in digital marketing can find work in organizations as an internet marketing specialist and online marketing manager respectively. Both of these roles are highly rewarding and dynamic, as digital marketing personnel has a huge chance of development and promotion. A graduate completing certified course specialized in search engine marketing, search engine optimization; pay-per-click advertising, web analytics, and others may also get absorbed as SEO specialist or digital sales executive.

Role of Digital Marketers

A digital marketing professional or digital marketer is given the role of conducting promotion for the products and services of a company on an online platform. They pan different digital marketing strategies, based on the company’s profile and requirement. They market the product and services of a company online, using web analytics, social media advertising, pay-per-click advertising, etc. The online platform and mass mailing are being utilized for spreading across the brand message and communicating the brand philosophy on a large scale.

  • Digital marketers serve the role of bringing the company in a relatively new position in marketing
  • They build a vast online presence for the customers
  • They develop marketing strategies for the company to build an online base of customers
  • They manage different advertisements, campaigns, social media handles, and emails of the company
  • They perform different search engine optimizations for getting higher ranking in the websites
  • They track the key performance indicators of the applicable marketing efforts and evaluate their success rate
  • They analyze the conversion rate from a lead to a customer by the utilization of digital technology

Responsibilities of Digital Marketers

A digital marketing professional, either a manager or entry-level specialist, both have the responsibility towards the brand. They are the concerned experts with responsibilities of developing, implementing, and managing marketing campaigns. The brand awareness is spread and maintained by the strategies implemented by the digital marketer. They are also held responsible for increasing online traffic flow to the websites and social media profiles, and source more leads from the internet.

  • Digital marketers can help the customers to identify the brands they can trust
  • They can evaluate the needs of a company and help them get preference over others
  • They help the customers get customized and personalized messages and offers that are relevant to them
  • The digital marketing managers have the responsibility of managing online elements of marketing
  • They integrate offline elements of marketing like print media and public relations to align with the online presence
  • They set out a strategic plan for the particular brand or company
  • They have the responsibility of working with all other departments of a company, coordinate with them, aligning them with the strategies and constantly implementing a marketing plan.


The digital marketing concept is getting more popular nowadays, and organizations from different industries are utilizing this concept with the help of digital marketing professionals. The digital marketer has to understand all the essentials concepts of digital media and evaluate the digital media platform, which is used by the target group.

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