Facebook Ads Format

According to the recent data, about 1.6 billion people worldwide are connected with their small businesses on Facebook. This huge number of small business reveals that Facebook is a great marketing platform and Facebook Marketing is getting popularity. The marketers are getting inspired by the usage of social media platforms for advertising and marketing, such as email marketing, list renting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogging, and so on. Among the entire social media platform, Facebook ads campaigns are most popular among the entrepreneurs.

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The ever-evolving Facebook algorithm proves to be challenging when connecting with the customers and in this scenario, Facebook advertising came into being. Facebook has some immensely popular features like micro-targeting that enables the marketers to segment the market for the appropriate target group based on and then position their offerings. The marketer can invest in this feature as it is budget-friendly, cost-effective and yields a higher rate of investment. There are multiple ad formats to choose from and based on the products the marketers can customize accordingly.

There are two basic types of advertising campaigns – cold traffic campaigns and remarketing campaigns, which are used for promoting products on social media. The cols traffic campaign indulges potential customers for getting attracted to the products and remarketing campaigns inspire customers to visit the page and make a purchase. The prospective customers go through three stages of acquisition, which are awareness, consideration, and conversion. Facebook ads campaign breaks these stages for curating the perfect advertisement as per the stated objected by the marketer. While promoting multiple products on Facebook, a marketer can consider these options:

Slideshow Ads

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has taken a new leap with Facebook ads. One of the most popularly used ads is slideshow ads. Slideshow ads offer the marketers a very simple, sober, and clean format to feature some extraordinary photos with imagination and creativity. An existing post can be easily modified into slideshow ad by including video-like ads made up of photos arranged with motion, sound, and text. They are simple and easy to use but can be curated as per the need including high-quality images and photo effects.

In a Facebook-based study, it is revealed that slideshow ads drive more business than any other ads. It can outperform other ads when tangible products are to be promoted. It drives huge traffic to that particular business by allowing images, motion, text, and sound, which clearly portrays the benefits offered by the products. For promoting multiple products, the ads must be used to create a consistent theme for demonstrating every product individually. Slideshow ads are best when the business has multiple products to offer, and it is cost-effective than other options.

Stories Ads

The stories ads are very versatile. It allows for a customizable and edge-to-edge experience that enables the ads to attract traffic through the content. They are immersive, inclusive, and authentic. These short ads are hard to get enough to attract attention and inspire quick actions. They are quite helpful in promoting multiple products, by focusing one product at a time.

Video Ads

The marketers have brought extraordinary social media marketing strategy by using video ads. The video ads allow the user to promote multiple products with the help of videos that contain sound, motion, and visuals. There are two types of video ads provided by Facebook- feed-based ads and longer ads. The feed-based ads are short and can be viewed on the go, while longer ads are lengthy and involve a story. Therefore, video ads can range from shorter to longer videos. The shorter videos are vertical videos, Instagram story videos, carrousel and collection video, whereas the long video ads involve in-seam video.

Carousel Ads

The high-end technology enabled Facebook ads manager allows a marketer to highlight up to ten images or videos in a single ad. This feature is extremely useful for featuring multiple products with their link. The marketer can eventually display multiple products and feature the description and benefits of each one of them. Carousel ads enable a user to create a story of their brand and attract customers.
Carousel Ads are very good options for showing off multiple products at each of the ten cards with their link that can land up the customer on their initial page. The customers’ traffic increases and click-through rate is increased in this manner. It engages people and helps to explain the product demonstration.

Canvas Ads

The curated instant experiences can be added to Facebook ads with the format of canvas ads. Facebook Instant Experiences are known as Canvas. They are a type of ad format that is mobile-based and designed to capture the viewer’s attention. It provides various options for customization, ranging from featuring photos, videos, and slideshow and carousel ads. Customers just have to swipe up to watch the featured images, engaging videos, swipe through carousels and tilt to view lifestyle images. All these features are enabled in a single ad with this format of Facebook ads. They are very fast to create, loads faster than other ads as it is designed for mobile and best suited for featuring as many products as required. This is one of the best options in Facebook ads for promoting multiple products.

Collection Ads

The collection ads allow business to feature four products at a time, and it inspires the customers to shift from discovery to purchase in a smooth transition. The collection ads feature four images or videos, which can seamlessly transform for buying option without leaving the Facebook page. This template is useful for creating a lookbook or storefront, featuring best product offerings in a very attractive way. Collection ads tell a story to the customers about the brand featuring the best product and the timeline about products.

Social media marketing is an extremely popular promoting platform, which Facebook is the most important for the ads. The marketer can successfully promote multiple products on Facebook through the usage of various ads such as video ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, and by adding instant features like canvas ads, provided the ads are attractive and creative.
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