Black Hat SEO VS White Hat SEO

When digital marketers try to improve their website ranking, they usually employ certain techniques, which can be differentiated into Black Hat SEO Techniques and White Hat SEO Techniques. But before we understand these two terms, it is important to know what search engine optimization is.

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the strategic technique of digital marketing that is meant to influence the online visibility of a particular website by optimizing its appearance and page rank in the search result page of any search engine. Often these results are known as natural, earned, and organic results. SEO activities involve managing the content of the page and adding certain keywords so that when the online content is searched in any search engine with those keywords, the website appears in the top of the search page results.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO refers to the processes and techniques of using some strategies to get higher search engine rankings with the help of breaking certain search engine rules and regulations. This type of SEO focuses on search engines to increase the bulk of the human audience. It is typically used by marketers that are looking for quick traffic on their site by improving website ranking. They do not undertake strategies to ensure long-term investment on their site. The harmful consequences of utilizing the black or darker side of SEO are banning the site from the search engines and de-indexed as a penalty for the unethical usage of techniques. The different techniques used in Black Hat SEO include:
• Blog-content spam
• Cloaking
• Content automation
• Doorway Pages
• Hidden texts and links
• Invisible texts or links
• Keyword stuffing
• Link farming
• Unrelated keywords

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is the strategy that refers to the use of certain techniques to target a human audience as opposed to Black Hat SEO. The techniques used in this type of SEO includes authentic methods and do not use any unethical methods for increasing website traffic. The White Hat SEO uses certain keywords after research and analysis and rewrites the Meta tags to make it more relevant to the search engine result. This type of SEO uses quality backlinks and content for grabbing the attention of the customers. It is useful in making a long-term investment for the traffic on the website, as the results of this type of SEO last a long time. The different techniques used in White Hat SEO include:
• Effective keyword research and use
• Internal links
• Meta tagging and description
• Quality content generation
• Relevant backlinks
• Speeding page upload time
• Easy to navigate through websites
• Keyword optimization

Which one is better?
While utilizing SEO basics, the marketer has the option to select from two different techniques of SEO, i.e., white hat SEO and black hat SEO. Both these methods are based upon the same concept but are different according to the adherence to the ethical regulations of improving Search Engine Result Page (SERP):

Ethical Consideration

• Black hat SEO do not follow the ethics and rules of SEO and uses techniques, which are violating the terms of SEO and SERP guidelines. It forces the ranking of their website in the search engine page.

• White hat SEO conforms to the guidelines of ethical use of SEO and SERP in favor of improving the search engine ranking of their website. The white hat SEO also increases marketing value outside SEO and helps the website to gain the trust of the audience.

Content Creation
• The black hat SEO manipulates crawler’s view on their webpage and undertakes different unethical tactics to increase website traffic. It focuses on getting the top ranking on the search engine page without providing quality content for the users. They use deceptive tactics for their websites.

• On the other hand, white hat SEO focuses on bringing quality content on their websites by providing useful keywords and links on the webpage. They make their content easily found across the search engine by the effective use of SEO.

Return on Investment
• The strategies used by the black hat SEO are generated to have quick website traffic and generate huge income rapidly. However, these strategies do not last for a longer period, and hence the return on investment is too low.

• The strategies of white hat SEO concentrates in providing quality content to the users and thereby make sure that the audience gets their desired results while searching the webpage in the search engine. Therefore, the return on investment of white hat SEO is high and more reliable than black hat SEO.

• The black hat SEO utilizes different SEO tips and techniques for getting higher search engine ranking with unethical strategies, such as spamming blog-content, cloaking, content automation, using doorway pages, using hidden and invisible texts and links, keyword stuffing, etc.

• The white hat SEO conforms to the ethical techniques of improving their search result ranking with different strategies, such as effective keyword research and use of internal links, Meta tagging, generating quality content with relevant backlinks, increasing the speed of page upload time, improving navigation and keyword optimization.

The website content creators and digital marketer should understand the cons of black hat SEO and try to convert into white hat SEO. However, the entire conversation is not possible, and the company can opt for grey hat SEO instead. For this, the marketer should learn search engine optimization.
The black hat SEO can request link renting in order to offer quality content for the links, turn the fake social media profiles to real profile with quality content, convert the hidden links into visible and high-quality content, and opt or developing content syndication instead of article spinning. All these methods can bring a positive response from the customers and in turn bring a huge return on investments.
So which technique would you prefer in your SEO strategy? Comment below & let us know.
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