Google Adsense Alternatives

Starting your day with the notification of issues in your Google Ad-sense account is not really a good idea. Every day, hundreds and thousands of Ad-sense accounts have been banned from the Google Ad-sense program and people look for alternatives. There is no specific reason to face this issue. It could be either something wrong with the website that you are putting your ads on or you would have simply missed out one of Google’s terms and conditions. This module is going to help you find the best alternatives for Google Ad-sense program:

Adsterra: It is one of the best Google ad-sense competitors. They provide innovative ad formats and a growing number of large platforms avail services from these sources. They provide excellent solutions for both advertisers and publishers who want to try something different and stay away from the grasps of Google.

Easy Monetizer: It is not an ad network whereas it is a tool that allows you to automate affiliate linking. This process becomes as easy as monetizing through an ad network, which makes it a viable ad-sense network. Usually, you have to pick a product, build links and maintain them when you monetize with affiliate marketing. This is a time-consuming process too. By using Easy Monetizer, you can make your job simpler by just uploading and enabling a WordPress plugin on your website or blog.

Infolinks: It is one of the largest monetization services in the world to date. It provides services to more than 200,000 online publishers in 128 countries. Their native and contextual ads work perfectly with all ad solutions and thereby providing the best user experience. They will strive hard to provide required good traffic to your website. They work with leading brands like Facebook, Amazon, etc.

Yllix media: The Yllix advertising network has been successful over the years having a decent CPM and many monetization options. They might have a simple homepage but they have an excellent dashboard which is very easy and simple to get started with. Yllix has mobile redirects, pop-under ads, layer ads, sliders, full-page ads which will help you to get a good CTR and make satisfying profits with them. Yllix media is a good option for the starters and their approval is also faster.

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 RevContent: RevContent is a popular advertising network that provides the best quality advertisements and approval process in the industry. They have the great CPCs, which pays 1-10 cents per each click. They also have a wide network of advertisers from all over the world. They also assure you to pay you more revenue share and make your approval process faster when you sign up from the referral link provided on their website. If you are capable to manage enough volume, you will also get your private account manager. This system will help you a lot when optimizing your ads for maximum revenue. This advertisement network also has strict minimum traffic rules and thus it is not suitable for new bloggers and small websites. Some of the biggest websites like PCWorld and Forbes use RevContent services to add revenue besides their Adsense earnings. This network is considered to be a great alternative to Google Adsense when you work with them independently. It is one of the industry-leading technology companies in the advertising network. They develop innovative digital advertising products for both advertisers and publishers. They have over 500 employees in their major operation centres. They provide a wide range of advertising and traffic monetization solutions to your business which will help them to grow exponentially. 

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