Youtube Optimization

YouTube is one of the largely used media among internet lovers with more than 1.5 billion monthly users. Ever since the launch of YouTube in 2006, it is one of the most commonly used video search engines. There are other video services but nothing has touched the popularity level of YouTube. Keeping this in mind, there is no wonder that so many people are looking to boost the effectiveness of their content on this platform. Here are a few important factors that will improve the techniques of YouTube Video Optimization.

  • Conduct keyword research: Keyword research is one of the first and foremost techniques to follow for YouTube video optimization. Just like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you need to conduct keyword research for YouTube video optimization as well. When you don’t use the right keywords, you lose your potential customers who are looking for the content relevant to your service. Once after doing the keyword research, you can include those keywords into your title and descriptions. 
  • Optimize your channel: YouTube Video Optimization will require you to optimize your channel. You can optimize your channel by using the keywords that you have found. When you include those keywords into the description, there are higher possibilities for your videos to feature in the top search results. Add the keywords wherever possible but ensure that you don’t stuff your content with keywords.

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  • Optimize your videos: This is a very important factor because people show interest in watching a video when it is of high picture quality enriched with the necessary contents. So, ensure to upload a video that is of the highest quality. A high-quality video will have the highest chance of getting more views on YouTube and even in other social media. Therefore, you must put in some effort into shooting and post-processing the videos. There is also a possibility to add annotations to your videos. This will make your videos more interactive and also allows you to include clear calls-to-action for your views. For further improvements, you can also add video subtitles. These video subtitles will count as textual content which will help your videos to get higher rank indirectly. 
  • Add a good thumbnail: One of the most underrated YouTube optimization tips is adding a good thumbnail to your video. The video thumbnails are the only thing that searchers will look along with your video titles and description snippets. It is the only aspect of the video that shows up in searches. Thumbnails will provide a great opportunity to grab the attention of your viewers. You must make sure that your video is impactful that lure searchers to click on them and watch your video. Great video quality with a poor quality thumbnail will not get the desired response. So, it is a great idea to bring in a human element into the thumbnail. This will attract more viewers. So, make sure that you present attractive, engaging and relevant thumbnails to your video. 
  • Optimize video titles: Your video titles must be relatable and catchy as much as possible because there are more possibilities to get your video viewed by many people because of a catchy title. You must also keep in mind that you add the focus keyword in your title to improve the views. Also, remember that you don’t exceed more than 100 characters in length. The title of the video must relate to the content of the video. While creating the title, never forget the following points:
  1. Name of the location
  2. Target keyword
  3. All important entities and names.

Final thoughts: 

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