Tips to Use Canva For Product Images

In the internet-dominated world, you will concentrate more on the different strategies in online business marketing. This gradually increased the number of digital marketing institute in Vashi. When it comes to content marketing and the social media campaign, the impact of the visual content is found to be too high. 

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So, you need not give graphic design to create a captivating image, which is the key to gain the attention of the audience. When you are using Canva, it will simplify some challenging tasks of generating graphics efficiently. Are you wondering about the Canva hacks now? Continue reading to know some hacks of Canva. 

Add Text Much Faster 

When you need to add text to the Canva, you just need to choose the style of the text. Just clicking on it with your mouse will help you to add the text. However, when you need to add some bunches of the text boxes in the layout, the process becomes slightly complicated. Now, the Canva has overcome even such a hassle where you need to look for the different tools using the mouse. Just use the keyboard shortcut and add the desired text in the layout.

Undo And Redo

There are some times where you need to undo the previously done command or operation. When you need to look for the previous design, just drag the image to the bottom of the page and move the text to the side of the window and change the background. Now, you will be able to look at the previous design. When you accidentally go wrong with any command, just click on CTRL + Z to undo the previous action. If you need to bring out the same changes again, just use the command CTRL + SHIFT + Z.

Zoom In And Zoom Out

Do you need to enlarge the image or Zoom it? You can just make use of the shortcut key CTRL + (+) for Zooming in and CTRL + (-) for Zooming out of the layout. so, it is easy to monitor the required changes and make the appropriate changes in the layout or graphics. This is the next important hack in Canva that people like to use.

 Freely Moving Elements 

Sometimes, you need to freely move or navigate on the page. Canva will help you with this feature as well. You can automatically snap the elements to invisible gridlines and this can be processed faster. All that you need to use is the shift option only. Just hold the shift and drag the mouse. Also, this will help in preventing automatically aligning the image. 

Tweak Pre-Set Template 

When you get into Canva, there are lots of professionally made templates and the best thing to note in that is you can make them stay away from the pre-set. Thus, it is also considered as the better business theme. 

The Bottom Line 

So, have you gone through the must-know hacks when you are using the Canva technique? Today, in the digitized world, you need to care more for digital techniques. You can also learn more when you enroll in the right digital marketing institute in Navi Mumbai. The opportunities in this area are too large and everything lies in the make you make yourself equip in the job role. So, make the right move now and start with the best technique.