Data Science as Career

In a world that is going digital at a breakneck speed, companies have to manage huge amounts of data. This could be customer data, sales data, performance data or any other data that can be analysed to make better business decisions.

A good data scientist can recognise patterns in data, sort and filter huge amounts of data, analyse the data and then present the data as solutions for real business problems.

Needless to say, data science and data analytics is one of the most in demand careers in the world right now. Experts have predicted a huge demand for data science professionals in the coming years. USA alone will face a shortage of close to 2 million skilled data science professionals.

How to become a Data scientist ?

Technical skills are not the only requirement to become a good data scientist. One also needs to have a good understanding of basic statistical concepts. Specialised courses are available which trains you to gain expertise in the technical as well as statistical aspects of data science.

Some of the specialised skills you may learn to pursue a career in data science is given below.

  • Programming languages like Python, R
  • Machine learning
  • Data mining
  • Statistics
  • Risk Management

If you need to know the various concepts that are covered in the data science course, you can find the detailed syllabus in the link below.

Data science courses in Mumbai

Career Prospects

There are a wide variety of positions available for someone who has learned the concepts of data science. Data science is a very broad term. You can choose to specialise in machine learning, data engineering, data analysis, artificial intelligence etc. You can start your career as a Data Analyst, Data Scientist or a Data Engineer.

A data analyst will usually look at company data such as sales data or performance data and then analyse the data to find patterns and business improvement opportunities and send across the findings to the management who can then take business decisions based on the data provided. A data scientist would have more advanced roles to play such as building machine learning models whereas a data engineer maybe someone responsible for taking care of the entire data management of the organisation. Given below are some of the roles that you can look forward to as a data science expert.

  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Data Warehousing Analyst
  • Statistics executive
  • Business intelligence expert
  • System Analyst

Some experienced data scientists also can work as freelancers or consultants. Many companies may not have a requirement for a full time data science expert and may in turn choose to hire consultants for specific projects. Although you may not be able to earn a regular paycheck, the per hour pay is usually higher for consultants because they work on temporary projects for a shorter period of tme.

Data Science Salaries

How much do data science professionals earn ? This can vary depending on your experience and the company/country that you work in. As per the data available in various employment websites, even data science freshers can earn above Rs 5 lakh per year in India. Experienced data science professionals can expect to earn more than Rs 20 Lakhs per year.