AI Course in Mumbai

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are among the most in demand courses now. Artificial Intelligence is a fast moving and evolving field which consists of various topics such as Natural language processing, reinforcement learning, predictive analysis, deep neural networks, image processing etc.

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Artificial Intelligence is basically known as the ability of the machines to think for themselves, reason and solve problems. Even though it has a long history, it is a constantly evolving topic.

In Artificial Intelligence, machines are taught to think independently without inputs from human beings. Some artificial intelligence systems are powered by machine learning while some of them are powered by deep learning. Self driving cars developed by companies such as Tesla and Google and smart assistants like Alexa and Siri are examples of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence can also be used for a wide variety of tasks such as disease mapping and prediction tools, creating conversational bots for customer service, spam filtering on E Mails, social media monitoring etc.

As more and more tasks are being taken up by Artificial Intelligence based systems, a major concern among may people is loss of jobs due to Artificial Intelligence.  AI is not likely to replace all jobs. There will still be many jobs that can be done only by human beings.

If you want to be a part of the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence, you should learn the concepts of Artificial Intelligence, data science, machine learning etc. If you learn these skills, there is no doubt that there will be a huge number of jobs in these fields in the coming years.

So how do you learn Artificial intelligence courses in Mumbai ?

There are very few institutes that conduct artificial intelligence courses in Mumbai. Since this is a new and specialised field, very few institutes have the required facilities and faculty to conduct this course. It is important that you lean only from the best because practical knowledge is as important as theoretical knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence Course at MCTA

At MCTA, artificial intelligence is covered as one of the main modules in our data science course. This data science course is a comprehensive 250 hours course consisting of 6 semesters. The course duration is 6 months. This course is suitable for fresh graduates as well as working professionals. It is a case study led practical course covering over 12 industry relevant tools. Students get placement assistance and access to various job portals.

The course syllabus is as given below. You can find more information about our course in the link below.

Data science course in Mumbai

Semester 1

  • Fundamentals of data analytics
  • Basics concepts in statistics for data analytics
  • Advanced concepts in statistics for data analytics
  • Probability theory for data analytics
  • Data processing steps in data analytics

Semester 2

  • Introduction to tableau and power bi
  • Introduction to r program
  • Python programming – basics
  • Python programming – advanced

Semester 3

  • Introduction to machine learning
  • Simple linear regression | multi-variate linear regression
  • Classification techniques
  • Clustering and dimensionality reduction

Semester 4

  • Time series models

Semester 5

  • Introduction to neural networks
  • Artificial neural networks using tensorflow , keras
  • Convolutional neural networks (cnn)
  • Recurrent neural networks (rnn / lstm)

Semester 6

  • Natural language processing – sentiment analysis
  • Capstone project