Copywriting For SEO

Essentials of copywriting for SEO content writers. Many people get stuck when it comes to producing content online because they find it too complicated. To produce great articles, you need to be a great copywriter and have a lot of experience with text. Anyone can write excellent texts using SEO writing techniques without difficulty.

So here are 5 valuable steps for Copywriters :

  • What is SEO text ?
  • Why invest in SEO writing techniques ?
  • What are the 20 best SEO writing techniques?
  • The ideal structure of a web newsroom
  • What NOT to do when writing killer texts

At the end of this article, you will be prepared to write the text optimized for SEO and confident to beat the competition and become a reference in the market.

Apply the SEO writing techniques given here and you will have immediate benefits:

  • Optimize writing time and produce more texts
  • Optimize SEO texts
  • Attract more leads
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Become a reference
  • Gain the trust of your target audience
  • Have more credibility
  • Increase engagement in page comments
  • Make more money

What is SEO-optimized text?

When you type something into Google, it searches the database for content that it believes will be best for you.

This analysis by Google is not random. It is based on a series of rules to determine which site or content is most relevant.

In other words, the page that uses these rules the most is more likely to be considered relevant for readers.

These rules are SEO strategies . The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization , that is, optimization for search engines.

These optimization strategies are meant to help your page become more relevant to search engines.

In other words, SEO strategies help to improve your content so that it is more likely to appear on the first page of Google (or another search engine).

If potential customers get easy access to your content and your brand, the greater the chances of conversion and money in your account.

What guarantees easy access is to correctly use SEO writing techniques and rank your content on the first page of Google search.

Producing SEO-based content means that you want to see your business grow .

Imagine you love to read, but in the past year you haven’t had time to update your reading list. One of your New Year’s promises is to read at least two books a month.

How to know which books to choose? Searching in the Internet.

You type in Google “list of best books”. Those words you typed are the keywords for your search.

One of the first steps to start your text is to define your keyword.

But, how to do that?

There are SEO tools that serve to apply these strategies and help you choose the best keywords for your texts.

Tip: keywords with more searches are interesting because it means that a lot of people search for that.

You change the search from “list of best books” to “list of best entrepreneurship books of 2017” and find books that have more to do with your interests.

Long-tail keywords are very useful for anyone who wants something more specific – and thinking about it when choosing your keywords is very important.

Writing without first structuring prevents you from optimizing your time.

In addition to losing precious minutes, your text is more likely to be disorganized and confused.

So, define what points you want to address before you start developing your text.

See more about how to do this in the topic The ideal structure for web writing .

The ideal structure for web writing

There are many ideal methods of web writing, however, the inverted pyramid method is one of the most famous techniques of content writing. This is one of the most valuable writing techniques , as it goes from the most important to the least important information.

Before you start writing, outline the text in the form of topics.

Structure your outline as if you were summarizing a book. This strategy will optimize your time.

Apply the inverted pyramid method by dividing the text into 3 main parts:

  • Introduction or lead

Gather the most important information, name all the topics that will be explained throughout the text, use action words and mental triggers to capture attention.

You must make it clear to the reader what benefits he gains from reading your text and what he will learn by the end of the lines.

  • Development

Choose and develop at least 3 topics related to the topic.

You should use the development to detail the topics and, thus, solve the doubts of the reader.

  • Conclusion

It is time to reinforce at least 2 main points of the text and use Call to Action (or CTA), that is, call your reader to action.

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