Apps For Data Science

Data science is the most in demand job currently due their ability to provide great insight to businesses. Apps can be used by data scientists to improve their skills.

In this article, we share some of the best apps that can improve your data science and  data analysis skills. These apps can be downloaded from Google play.

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QPython is an app which enables you to use python on android devices. It is an open source project which has been used by many users all over the world. Qpython has several interesting features which makes it a very useful app for experienced Python programmers.

Learn Python

You can now learn Python using this android app. You can practice writing Python code using this app. Users also get a certification of completion after completing the course. You can learn through real time examples and also have an option to bookmark your lessons. They have more than  million users.

R Programming

R Programming allows you to learn R language which is used for data science. It allows you to practice code on your phone. It allows you to code and run your programs. You also have an option to add graphs in this app. You can also save and share your files using R Programming.

Basic Statistics

This is an app which can be used by ata science beginners where you can learn the basic concepts of data science and statistics. This is also a very good app for statistics students with all the major concepts of statistics covered.

Probability Distributions

This app is useful for intermediate users of data science. After learning the basics of statistics and data science, you can use probability distributions app to learn more about probabilities, approximate percentiles and many other advanced topics.


Udacity is one of the best apps you can use to learn online. There are some good data science related courses available on Udacity. The user interface is very friendly and the mobile version is quite similar to the desktop version. There are many courses available on this app. You may need to search for some of the best courses on Udacity and practice using the app.


Elevate is a personalized brain training program designed to improve your intellectual skills. Your course consists of 3 practices per day. Activities are chosen based on past performance. This app has different training programs, but it is not available in the FREE version. Altogether, it manages to provide stimulating knowledge.


Lumosity is a personalized brain training program. It has games that are more than enough to challenge his basic reasoning. This application will help you with improvements in reading, writing, math and logic skills. Every day you get 3 brain training exercises. More exercises are also available, which can be made available in the paid version.


Neurontin is a health app to improve brain activity. It can help improve memory, intelligence and logical reasoning. It contains different sets of activities and has designed approximately 60 programs. It also allows you to challenge your teammates and monitor your performance weekly.

Math Workout

Want to be good with numbers? This app will help you with that. Prepare your mind with the ultimate goal of doing numerical calculations at your fingertips. It is an amateur level app and has fascinating activities to help you get the numerical instinct.