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Python development has gained a lot of importance due to the rapid growth of the popularity of this language. Python is the third most used programming language by developers.

Because of this, this type of programmer is placed in a prominent position in front of the developer community. Not only that, but it also opens up several job opportunities, as the search for specialized professionals grows more and more.

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Who is a Python Developer?

A Python developer is a  programmer specializing in the Python programming language. He must have an aptitude for the exact area, since logic, statistics, and mathematics are widely used. In addition, he must have a good capacity for analysis and attention.

This type of programmer usually has a background in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Systems Analysis or some other area of ​​technology. In addition, it is important to take other specialization courses to  learn Python .

The Python developer starts out as an intern or a junior developer. As you gain experience and demonstrate capacity, the programmer can fill other vacancies.

In this process, two things need to be highlighted.

The first is the importance of learning not only Python, but other languages ​​that are used in everyday life. Knowledge of databases , HTML and CSS is essential to facilitate the work and highlight the programmer. For this, there are a number of frameworks  and  libraries .

The other is the role of  soft skills  in the Python developer’s growth journey. The market places great value on the interpersonal skills of the programmer, since he will work together with a team. Therefore, balance, emotional intelligence and sociability are important characteristics for the professional.

Work Profile

A Python developer can perform several functions. However, most of the time, it will work by  programming on the back end . Typically, it will handle databases and information flows, creating code and using frameworks for analyzing and manipulating information.

For all these facilities, Python is widely used in  data science. In addition, as an object-oriented programming language, it has several features. With it, it is possible to develop web applications, games, artificial intelligence codes, through their IDEs.

Therefore, it is also expected that a programmer knows how to develop websites, optimize algorithms for information retention, solve data analysis problems, improve data security and protection and write efficient codes.

Among several other professions that a Python developer can perform, we have:

  • Software engineer;
  • Data Scientist;
  • Specialist in Artificial Intelligence;
  • Games developer.

This demonstrates the versatility of this language, which can be used for many different purposes.

Nowadays, controlling the flow of information has become something very valuable for companies. The analysis of these data is very important to guide decisions.

Python is one of the best languages ​​to perform this function, because it has several specific tools for this.