What are the main differences between Google ads vs Facebook Ads? Which platform should you use for your marketing campaigns?

Segmentation in Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

At this level they have many similarities, none is better than the other. You just have to learn to perfect one first and then spend a lot of time on the other. You can use Google Ads more for retargeting: we rely on Google Display to show banner ads that have visited the page or have shown me interest. But for this you have to invest a little more in Facebook because you need a volume of visits to be able to do the retargeting. On the other hand, you also need to evaluate the tracking codes of the two platforms if you want to be able to apply this same strategy.

Facebook allows you to segment your audience through a lot of data such as:

  • The territory where you want to promote your campaign
  • Age and sex of segmentation
  • Education
  • Any interest you need
  • Even the device users use allows you to segment

Google Ads has many similarities but its strength is through keywords in the search processes. Also schedules and territories of the ads.

Google Ads would become a platform for paid searches and almost always its objective is to bring traffic to a web page. Although you can search for the same thing with Facebook Ads campaigns , Google Ads focuses more on making yourself known, on improving your brand’s branding. So the advertising scheme for each one is divided as follows:

Google Ads:

  • Searches
  • Advertising on Youtube
  • Gmail
  • In applications
  • Google maps
  • Shopping and display network.

Facebook Ads:

  • Social networks (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Market place
  • Fan Page

The main thing is to understand that Facebook Ads is much cheaper to launch campaigns than Google Ads. Although the cost per click can vary depending on the type of campaign and whatever you sell, both platforms will only charge you for the clicks that are made on the ad and not for the number of times it is shown.

So if your budget is limited to start advertising your ads, you can start with Facebook Ads.

If you want to share images or videos through Google, you can only publish it on its display network. Many users are carried away by the visual when buying so the image carries a lot of weight. Facebook has the upper hand at this point as Google’s design is very limited. However, Google does enjoy the benefit of testimonials.

When choosing which one you could start promoting your products or services with, you should consider that the Google Ads and Facebook Ads audiences have different goals. At Google, users start the search process because they have a need; on Facebook, they are already on social networks for entertainment.

The dynamics are totally different, Google wants to solve problems and Facebook takes advantage of the time you invest in its platform to investigate your interests and persuade you with ads.

Similarities between Google Ads and Facebook Ads

  • Remarketing campaigns can be carried out on both platforms and thus boost sales.
  • Both are adapted to any type of business to promote campaigns.
  • In Google Ads and Facebook Ads, you must be constant and precise for your strategy to work.

So, at the results level, maybe the prices in Google Ads, when you use it directly to attract leads, can go up. But think about it: Google is the largest search engine in the world and you don’t have to obsess over the expensive. There is a huge price difference, but until we see the final metrics, we can’t determine if Google is really as expensive as it sounds. If you learn to run both, your business will grow exponentially.