Being first in one of the best search engines worldwide on the Internet is one of my best achievements. Why? We already know that the world marches at a thousand per hour, and nobody pauses for long to scroll and read until the end of what appears in the searches. So, imagine that you not only appear in the common results of the Google search engine but as soon as they type the name of your brand or business, you appear in a personalized tab.

All algorithms work based on the information you provide and the same happens in Google My Business. The more real data you give to the tool, the better the classification of your file will be.

The most important factor to get a good ranking on Google my business is to provide all the correct business information such as:

  • Good title
  • Industry, market or type of business
  • Keywords with which you want to be found
  • URL of your website
  • Products or services you sell

Consistency of information

The same thing that your web pages, social networks or other platforms say, must be the same that will appear in your Google My Business file. Make sure that when you update one you also update the others.

This is important because of the following reasons.

  • The platform’s algorithm will play in your favor and position you better because everything is consistent (business name, address, telephone number, services, offers, etc.)
  • You will gain credibility with potential clients and no one will have doubts about what you offer.

This Google tool gives you the option to locate your business within categories and subcategories. When you start, place one automatically that you can later modify, you should choose the ones that are most related to your products or services.

If you have a physical business it is extremely important that you indicate to Google My Business where they can locate you. On the other hand, people will find you easily and you will gain credibility from the audience. Apart from informing about your location, it is also essential that you establish business hours and details in your file.

To optimize Google My Business, reviews are important, because they will influence web positioning and reach. You also have to think that most people’s decision making is based on the testimonials they find from other users about trading.

By activating reviews (positive and negative) Google will work to position you with customers. It is obvious that the businesses with the best will come first, but it is also important to show yourself as a human and real business. So do not delay in answering any.

Human beings are carried away by the visual when buying and to optimize Google My Business, the platform will also do it. This is why the images or photographs of your business will also influence the positioning of the tab.

You can include the following:

  • Owner photos: those that you upload yourself to your Google My Business listing.
  • Customer photos: these are the images that customers upload to your file when they register a visit to your business or shop.

Google My Business allows you to know the performance, metrics and scope of your listing. Just as we measure any other action in marketing, this tool is also just as important to evaluate. Based on these results, you can improve your file and your business will scale to position itself as the best in the Google search engine.