Content Writing Career Overview

Working as a content writer is something that seems to be available to everyone, but being a good copywriter requires certain skills.

Furthermore, the digital age has only exacerbated the already serious problem of intrusion into the market for content writers.

Nor can we ignore the fact that some companies sell the misleading message that by hiring copywriters (with or without experience) at a low price (very low price) they are able to guarantee that their clients will get a return on the content they deliver.

As you can imagine, nothing could be further from the truth, especially at a time when content marketing is facing a pandemic of excess production of mediocre content and Google is aware of it.

Publishing at any cost is not the solution, creating quality content is the only way for our clients to have results and to continue to trust our work.

Before going into detail on the errors to avoid and see a series of writing and content creation tips, we are going to take a short break to analyze the figure of the professional in charge of content writing.

Being a content writer goes beyond being a simple writer, in fact, it implies both understanding the fundamentals of writing and being able to apply them to the specific objectives of each brand.

A good content writer is one who knows how to create pieces that obtain results and these results will be different at all times, for each client and for each of the objectives or strategies that are underway.

That said, it is clear that the first skill to work as a content writer will be to have a minimum base of writing knowledge, but what else is missing?

We are going to list the most remarkable skills of this professional.

  1. Know perfectly the writing techniques.
  2. Know how to create stories that captivate.
  3. Be resourceful.
  4. Mastering research and knowing how to document yourself.
  5. Understand the basics of SEO.
  6. Know the target audience first-hand.
  7. Stay updated and open to changes.
  8. Be an expert in social networks.

It seems obvious, we have already mentioned it but a good writer needs to know how to write and copywriting in a way that stands out.

Here it is not only valid to write without grammatical or spelling errors, but it is necessary to transmit quality so that the texts stand out from among many others that may be addressing the same topic.

The tone of voice of the text, the pauses, the calls to action used, the tempo or the length of words and phrases (among others), will be aspects that must be taken into account and managed with total fluency.

And this fluency is obviously the result of expert knowledge, which is why it is considered a determining factor for working as a content writer.

Using humor as a turning point with your audience can be a winning point.

Creating extensive content that guarantees a complete development of the theme in question is something we must do but be careful, this does not imply that we cannot combine it with lighter pieces and that they play with ingenuity to be different and irresistibly attractive.

To add this dose of ingenuity, the content writer has a series of catchphrases to lean on: a bit of humor, a reference or quote of interest, or even an image or a gif can spice up the content, enriching it as much as needed.

To impact the audience through writing, you have to look for elements of impact and humor certainly is.

To be a writer you have to be a researcher and documentary maker, why?

Well, because there are already too many contents offering inaccurate or outdated data out there.

If what we want is for the public to identify our content with 100% reliable data that gives us credibility, we will have to do our best to offer true and current data about what we are talking about.

If we do not worry about taking care of this aspect, we will be contributing to create more misinformation than there is currently.

In fact, a publication with inaccurate or outdated data can negatively impact our brand image and our credibility.

Writing is not the first step of the content creation ladder, before reaching that step it is necessary to have gone through the two previous steps of research and documentation.

We have to recognize that SEO has changed a lot in recent times.

Does this mean that optimizing content for search engines no longer works?

Obviously, the answer is no.

A content writer (digital in this case) must know how to adapt to these new SEO techniques that will help him to give greater visibility to his publications so that they position himself in the top positions of the SERP.

Thus, knowing how to correctly choose the keywords that will be included in the digital texts that you create and apply SEO in titles, subtitles, headings, body of the text or meta descriptions is something that this professional must know how to do with his eyes closed.

So these are some of the tips to become make a career as a content writer.

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