Link Building Technique

Why is link building needed for SEO? Good links allow for increasing the authority of a domain for search engines. The authority of a website depends directly on the number of pages that link it , the authority of these pages, the level of thematic similarity between your website and the one that links you and other factors related to the content that surrounds the link, such as its anchor text (link text), the words that surround it and even the position that the link occupies within the content.

When the Google robot crawls a website, it pays special attention to the links it finds and “follows” them by going to the page they link and analyzing it as well.

There are specific link building tactics that can help us to systematize our task and generate greater profit for a website. Lets look at some of the important link building techniques you can use for your website.

1. Content Marketing

This technique condenses what we call passive linking. It consists of improving your content in a way that adds value and is a source that everyone wants to link to. A variant, link baiting , involves generating concrete content in order to generate attention and links. Within the baiting link we would include the creation of infographics, controversial websites, reports and studies, etc.

2. Directories

All the pages where you can link to your page by registering or registering. This is one of the most dangerous points in SEO, as there are hundreds of free resources on the web, but they are potentially harmful to our page.  So you should only submit your website to good directories.

3. Social bookmarks

These are pages that are dedicated to trying to curate the contents of the web, either through user votes, popularity in social networks or other factors. Really popular sites are interesting, not because of the SEO benefit they can bring you, but because they can generate traffic peaks of thousands of visits from the public that you can build loyalty.

4. Guest Blogging

The guest blogging or guest blogger is a technique by which a blogger writes in an external blog in exchange for popularity, and sometimes, to be able to include links to other pages. If you have a blog or your page includes one, this technique can be one of the most effective as long as you take it seriously. It is necessary that you contribute real value to the blogs you write in, only in that way will you get your post to spread and get a greater reach for the story you want to tell.

5. Broken Link Building

Broken link building consists of identifying broken links on third-party web pages and recommending to the webmaster a series of options that include pages from our own web. To do this, we look for links on pages, niches, and themes similar to ours, we identify possible links and we get in touch with webmasters. It should be noted that it is one of the most scalable and effective tactics today.