Top Social Media Platform

Social networks have become the most conventional way for people to communicate. Its multiple facilities and forms of use, make these are currently a very common language throughout the world. At present, these are a trend that continues to rise as thousands of users continue to be added every day around the world. Today we will talk a little about the most used Social Networks in the world.

Today we share with you the Ranking of the most used social networks in the world so that you make sure to create your account as an artist in each one of them. Remember that nowadays even our grandparents have social networks and the greater number of networks figures, over time your reach could reach many more people in an organic way.

Before starting, you should know that there are two types of social networks. The horizontal or general social networks that are the ones that we commonly know and that have users of all kinds. These deal with various topics and have no particular purpose such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. On the other hand, there are vertical social networks, these have a specific and common objective for all users. A clear example is LinkedIn, which is purely professional in nature.

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For the first time, Instagram surpasses the queen of social networks Facebook. This social network has known how to make its way among the youngest, who currently consider it the most relevant and important . The platform has managed to integrate in an organic way the photography and video options in a simple and attractive way for users. One of the factors that most attracts the attention of the platform are the Fleeting Stories. Currently they are so popular that users share the different activities they carry out every day , generating quite favorable figures for the company. According to experts, the platform will be a trend that will continue to rise in the coming years.


Despite the fact that this social network is very attractive due to its easy use and interaction with other users,  in recent years it has been greatly affected due to the data protection scandal. This Social Network is one of the few where you can find publications from your colleagues or friends and from your aunts or parents. In addition to this, it is preferred by Millennials and Gen Xers . If we observe the trend in Generation Z, the percentage of users who consume Facebook falls in favor of other networks such as Instagram.


YouTube and its third place in this Ranking is attributed to its great capacity for interaction with other networks and the boom of  influencers or Youtubers.  A  43% of users from 16 to 23 years follow the least one influencer  through YouTube. It is also one of the fastest growing in number of users and is one of the best valued along with Instagram and Spotify. The youngest users, who consume the most audiovisual content, are completely taken.


This year Twitter opens with worse data than last year. Although it remains one of the networks with the most mentions, its notoriety rate has fallen compared to the last two years. The platform has sought to reinvent itself in the last year by  increasing the character limit to 280 , even so, it cannot stop its decline. Despite the foregoing, it remains at # 4 as it continues to be a remarkable scene of interaction and exchange of opinions on current issues and trends.


The platform’s priorities are aimed at seeking a more professional profile. It  has 11 million users in Spain alone  and its users prefer it for its ease of connection in the professional field that it offers. At present it is used by an adult audience and with particular interests. Despite the above, it should be noted that the platform has lost influx among its users due to the little interaction it offers in videos and photos.