How to increase Youtube Subscribers

Who doesn’t want a taste of the sweet success that comes with a strong YouTube channel? Unfortunately, growing a YouTube channel isn’t as easy as it once used to be. The rise and existence of several well-established YouTube channels have made it extremely difficult for small channels to make a dent on the platform. 

In their desperation, we’ve also seen many individuals and businesses spend money to buy subscribers. This is unnecessary as there are still ways by which you can learn how to increase YouTube subscribers for free. 

This article will tell you how to increase YouTube subscribers organically in the most effective way possible. 

How to increase Subscribers on YouTube for Free

  1. Ask your Viewers to Subscribe

It is wise to constantly remind your viewers to subscribe to your channel. A subscription will make the YouTube algorithm work in your favor, thus recommending your videos to new viewers. You can request your viewers to subscribe at the beginning or end of a video. You can also use animation and ‘Subscribe’ watermarks to remind your viewers to hit the subscribe button below your videos. 

  1. Make Unique Content

You cannot increase your watch hours or attract new audiences to your channel if you are offering nothing new. So make sure you offer engaging content that is distinct from other creators online. This will help you create a brand value that is unique to your channel.

  1. Use Keywords in your Title and Descriptions

You can make the YouTube algorithm work for you by doing keyword research and using the right keywords strategically in your video’s title and description. This way YouTube will rank your video at the top whenever a search query with your focus keywords is entered on the platform’s search bar.

  1. Make Channel Trailer

A channel trailer can do exactly what a movie trailer does for feature films, create awareness about it. A trailer is a great way for you to define your channel and its content in a summarized fashion, thus bringing in a more targeted audience to the channel that is bound to subscribe. 

  1. Create Engaging Thumbnails

As far as first impressions go, Thumbnails are a fantastic visual medium to persuade people to click on your videos. You have tons of tools at your disposal today that help you create visually appealing and informative thumbnails. Try to avoid click-bait thumbnails as they may get you traction initially but will ultimately end up harming the reputation of your channel.

  1. Add Your Videos to Playlists

It is a good practice to categorize your videos by creating playlists. This way you are helping your viewers easily navigate through your channel and find the content they seek without a hassle. Start creating playlists early for convenience in organizing your videos categorically. 

  1. Keep Your Content Ready 1 Month Prior

To offer a consistent flow of fresh content to your audience, we suggest having content or at least its idea ready 1 month before posting. This way you are giving a much more consistent experience to your audience. With an uninterrupted content flow, your subscribers know when to expect new content from you. 

  1. Always tell what you are working on at the End of a Video

Popular channels don’t end their videos abruptly. They create anticipation by directly telling viewers what to expect from their next video at the end of their latest content. You too can do the same and create excitement for your videos that will lead to the growth of your channel.

  1. Use Theme

Have a theme that is unique to your channel. Use unique colors and graphic design to create your YouTube channel’s banner and profile image. A unique theme will help you sell merchandise when your channel’s subscriber count increases substantially. 

  1. Add End Screen and Watermark

We also highly recommend adding watermarks and an end screen to your videos. A unique watermark can easily be added to your YouTube videos via your YouTube’s creator studio. The end screen can be used to redirect your viewers to other videos on your channel that they may find interesting. 

  1. Run a Contest

Occasional contests and giveaways that contain exciting gifts are an effective way to boost audience engagement. This engagement will not only keep your viewers coming back to your channel for more but also attract new subscribers who are tempted to participate in the contests for free gifts. 

  1. Collaborate with Brand and Other YouTubers

It is extremely effective to collaborate with YouTubers who meddle in the same kind of content that you offer. This way you can draw on their subscriber base while they draw on yours. It is a win-win situation for all. Once your channel has grown considerably, you can partner up with brands to financially support your channel as well. 

Growing on YouTube is hard but not impossible. The above 12 tips are more than enough if you want to learn how to increase YouTube watch time or subscriber count. To learn more on how to stand out and grow on YouTube with unique content, you can always turn to MCTA. 

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