Free Digital Marketing Certifications by Google

Getting a job in marketing isn’t simple. Jobs are scarce, competition is fierce, and employer demands are constantly shifting. You’ll need more than one professor in the field to stand out. And that “extra” may include free online marketing certificates provided by renowned industry leaders. Below. we look at some of the free digital marketing certification from google.

Basic Digital Marketing Course

When you click on the link to this course, you’ll notice a big difference between it and the HubSpot courses: it’s a lot bigger and more in-depth. It includes more than 40 hours of study material and 26 courses that cover a wide range of topics in the internet economy.

You’ll learn how to develop an online presence, basic SEO concepts, which promotion channels are most relevant, how to brand with video, how to extract vital data from your campaigns for analysis, and many other skills necessary for a marketer.

You can go through the tutorials at your own pace, and when you are ready, a final exam with 40 questions awaits you, in order to obtain the much-desired certification. We understand that 40 hours of concentration are not a breeze, but in the end, you will have a solid knowledge base in digital marketing.

You can get more details about this course from the below link.

Google digital marketing certification

Google Analytics Course

We’ve already progressed to more advanced classes, which teach you how to use various field tools. One of these is Google Analytics, which allows you to gather and analyze information about your website or business.

Google provides a separate website dedicated to the Analytics tool, with four courses ranging from basic to intermediate. In this post, we’ll look at the Google Analytics for Beginners course, which starts from the beginning and teaches you how to set up an Analytics account, produce simple reports that examine various aspects of your audience, and track your online efforts.

This course differs from the others in that it includes practical tasks. What’s the catch? So, right at the start of the course, you’ll create an Analytics demo account, where you’ll put what you’ve learned into practice. It’s a really practical approach to learning by doing that’s extremely close to reality and can be manifested as a practical skill on your resume.

We recommend that you take the advanced course after completing the beginning course. You must both pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam in order to acquire the same-named certification.

You can find more information about this course from the link below.

Google Analytics Course

Google Ads Course

Google offers a variety of Google Ads courses, but we recommend starting with Google Ads Fundamentals, where you can learn the tool’s principles, benefits, and a set of best practices for managing your campaigns.

Google Ads Fundamentals is the foundational course in Google Ads, from which you may build other certifications by combining it with other courses on the same technology. Google Ads Display, Google Ads Mobile, Google Ads Search, and Google Ads Video are some of the alternatives available to you.

They all go over various parts of Google Ads, which is a big and complex technology that can be used for a variety of campaigns. You can find details about this course in the below link.

Google Ads Certification

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