Tips To Get Digital Marketing Job

Are you planning on getting a digital marketing job? It is a great way to jump-start your career, especially when the world is now digital. 

Even if you are from a different background or have studied something else for your graduation, you can always get into the world of digital marketing with a course or certification from an appropriate university. 

You can always get a digital marketing job for fresher by building your required skills by using multiple online resources and serving clients around the world from your own home. 

Is a digital marketing job a promising career? 

We live in the digital world, where companies are now planning a marketing budget for their digital advertising more than traditional marketing channels, which is why digital marketing is a good career choice. 

More and more companies are now looking to increase their online visibility, and because of this, there is an increase in the demand for a digital marketing job for fresher worldwide. 

The most significant benefit is that you can be physically present in a location to be a digital marketer. This is ideal for people who want to start their own businesses or work as freelancers. 

So, let’s take a look at some steps to start a successful digital marketing job:

10 Easy Steps for a Successful Digital Marketing job in Mumbai

1. Understanding the basics of digital marketing: 

When it comes to a digital marketing job for freshers, the first step is to understand the basics of digital marketing. Several components cover different areas of online promotion. So, you need to understand that it is not a single process but several channels that can be included in digital marketing. These include: 

  1. Search Engine Marketing – SEO and paid advertising 
  2. Content Marketing – using different content pieces to improve your digital marketing campaign 
  3. Website Marketing – promotion of website on the internet 
  4. Mobile Marketing – marketing your website on various App Stores – Google and Apple 
  5. Social Media Marketing – marketing on different social media networks 
  6. Affiliate Marketing – increasing sales by promoting other products on social media and getting affiliate commission 

Want to become a good digital marketer? Then why not take the MCTA digital marketing course?  

MCTA provides end-to-end digital marketing training to help people understand the workings of the digital world. Here are some reasons why candidates prefer the MCTA digital marketing program: 

  • Over 10000+ students trained 
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  • 100% placement assistance 
  • 7 industry-recognized certifications 
  • Financial assistance with 0-cost EMI options 
  • Internship options 
  • Flexible batch timing 

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2.  Setting up your own website: 

Once you understand the basics of digital marketing, the next step is to start getting your hands dirty and practicing. The best way to do this is to start your website. As digital marketing is a practical and measurable concept, the more you apply different techniques and practice, the better it is. 

Once you start your digital marketing job in Mumbai, you will need to promote different types of websites to increase traffic organically or sales through social media advertising and PPC. So, to gain confidence, start your website, keeping in mind these concepts. Set up a blog, and work to increase ranking. At the same time, promote your product and try to make a sale. This process may take time, but with due diligence, the learning curve will help you build a solid foundation.  

If you take a digital marketing course with an institute, they will provide you with campaigns and issues. MCTA provides its students with live examples and real-time scenarios to help them get used to the natural working environment.   

3. Becoming an SEO Expert: 

To pursue a career in digital marketing, you need to be good at SEO. With SEO, you will learn how to create websites that both search engines and users will love. You can also apply these concepts to help improve your Google, and Facebook paid campaigns. So, start building your SEO career and become an expert before you move further.   

4. Get Google Certified: 

One significant aspect of your digital marketing job would be to use Google AdWords. The fastest way to acquire this skill is to get Google Certified. Google has multiple resources available to help you become an expert. But the certification process is a bit tricky. When you study a program with an institution like MCTA, you get the proper training to help you pass Google certifications. 

MCTA offers 7 digital marketing certifications: 

  • Google AdWords Search Certification 
  • Google AdWords Display Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification
  • HubSpot Email Marketing Certification
  • HubSpot Social Media Marketing Certification
  • MCTA Certification

5. Become an expert in Google Analytics: 

Besides learning about all the different tools available to help generate traffic, digital marketers need to understand the data and analytics involved. One of the main features of any digital marketing campaign is that everything can be measured. You can see how many people saw your campaign, how many clicked on the ads, the total number of conversions it generated, and multiple other metrics to cover different aspects of your campaign. This will help you make informed decisions about your campaign and to help you measure its effectiveness of it. 

So, start by taking a course on Google Analytics. Or you could join an institute like MCTA that offers combined digital marketing programs that will teach you everything you need about Google Analytics. 

6. Master Facebook Advertising:

The next step to getting a digital marketing job for fresher is to understand social media marketing and Facebook ads. As a digital marketer, you must understand how social media platforms work. But the majority of your work will be on Facebook and Instagram. 

Facebook is the leading social media platform and the holy grail for all digital marketers. With the emergence of Metaverse, getting organic exposure on Facebook has become challenging. So the only way to use the platform is to advertise on it. Once you have mastered SEO and Google certification, it will now be easier for you to understand Facebook Ads. Most of their concepts are similar to Google, but you need to understand how the platform works, its campaign policies, and targeting options.  

7. Get an internship: 

One of the fastest and easiest ways to grow your skills in digital marketing is to get an internship in an established agency. This will help you understand how an agency works and give you practical experience when looking for digital marketing jobs in Mumbai

When you intern for an agency, you understand the different processes involved and will not lose billable hours trying to figure out the metrics that go into working with clients. If you join institutes like MCTA, you can get internships with major brands that will help bring you one step closer to your digital marketing goals.     

8. Keep updated with the latest news and trends: 

Digital marketing is not stagnant; it keeps changing over time, which is why digital marketers often have a love-hate relationship with the industry. Considering that it has fast-paced contenders like Google and Facebook, it is imperative that digital marketers keep track of what is happening in their own field. 

This means that when you look for digital marketing jobs, you need to be ready to keep learning. This is a part of your daily activity. You could learn about industry updates, new tools, and any new changes in digital marketing channels, or check to see what the big brands are doing differently. 

9. Learn to use digital marketing tools: 

Other than understanding how to use Google or Facebook, you also need to know about the various supportive digital marketing tools available in the market. Once you climb the job ladder and become a manager, you will need to control and track the progress of multiple projects. That is where these tools come in handy. A good tool will help you manage all reports for internal and external use and will help make the data highly readable. 

Hundreds of such tools are available to make your life a little easier. Although most are not free, they are investments into your resume and career. 

10. Getting a freelancing digital marketing job: 

The final step in your career path for a digital marketing job is to try as a freelancer. That way, you will have the real-time experience of not only practicing multiple digital marketing techniques. Still, you will also understand the client psyche, how to handle budgeting, and manage client communications. 

As a beginner, starting with small tasks is better than moving on to more significant projects. But, you might find it a bit difficult to get jobs, especially when you do not have any feedback or reviews available. Start by: 

  • Reading the job requirement correctly and replying to all questions asked by the client 
  • Reply fast, as job applicants receive hundreds of offers in a day 
  • Keep your rates reasonable and within range.    


Planning to get a digital marketing job is a good career option, especially with how the world is going digital. There is now an increase in the demand for good digital marketers, the salary is fair (depending on experience), and you can do the job as a part of an agency or a freelancer. 

So, take time to build your digital marketing career, and remember that practice makes perfect. If you do get the opportunity to join a digital marketing agency, then do it. It will help you gain the right experience when you work with experts and on multiple projects.