High paying Jobs in India

An increasing number of millennials and Gen Z are ditching the 9 to 5 office drill and are now opting for hybrid work options or complete work-from-home jobs. So, the question of which job is the highest paid in India is now slowly shifting to which work from home job has the highest salary range in India.  

So, here’s our list of the top 10 work from home highest salary jobs in India: 

Top 10 Highest Salary Jobs In India With Work From Home Options

1. Digital Marketing Manager: 

One of the most obvious and best work-from-home job which has the highest salary in India, is digital marketing. Digital marketing managers help build and expand a brand’sbrand’s online presence, ranging from SEO, mobile marketing, and email marketing to social media management. A digital marketing manager is expected to run social media campaigns, promote content, control the content posted, study analysis, and reach the brand’sbrand’s expansion. Beginners can expect starting salary of 20-40K in India. 

2. Content Writer: 

Content writing has made its place among the best work from home opportunities in India. The reason for this is pretty straightforward – the demand for work. Businesses want to educate, inform and entertain people through their content so that people keep coming back to them. This is why there is no shortage of content writing jobs in the market. Beginners can expect salaries from 15K to 20K in India.  

3. Website Developer: 

If you are looking for which job is highest paid in India, then web developers top the list. Brands and digital marketing companies need website developers to build attractive and entertaining websites. The main requirement is understanding CSS/HTML/JavaScript, the basics of coding language, and SEO. Earnings can increase to 1 lakh per month depending on your skills and the project’s size. 

4. Graphic Designers: 

The reason why graphic designers fit the top 10 list of work from home jobs in India is visuals. All brands want appealing visuals to stick in the mind of their potential customers. These could be in the form of logos, websites, pictures, social media posts and more. This is why graphic designers are in high demand across India. The scope of earning in this field is vast, starting from 20-35K per month with no upper limit. 

5. AR/VR Developer:  

Using creativity, AR/VR developers can help design, test and develop virtual reality or augmented reality software and applications. According to ABI Research, AR adoption by enterprises worldwide will grow by 66% annually until 2026. By then, the total market share will be $175 billion. The annual salary of a VR Developer in India ranges from Rs. 2.7 lakhs to Rs. 10.5 lakhs. 

6. Full Stack Developer: 

Full stack developers are among the highest paying jobs in India as these highly qualified IT professionals are scarce. Companies want full-stack developers who can use the newer cloud platforms such as Google and other AI-related technologies to have the upper hand over their competitors. The annual salary of a full-stack developer ranges between Rs. 2.4 lakhs to Rs. 18.7 lakhs, with an average of Rs. 6.5 lakhs.   

7. Cloud Architect: 

The Cloud market worldwide is known to generate $130 billion in 2021 alone, and predictions are that they will reach $331 billion this year. Cloud architects are required to help reevaluate cloud strategies, work with IT security and integrate data and networks. This is why they need to have a strong background in Linux and scripting languages. The annual salary of a Cloud Architect in India ranges from Rs. 5.6 lakhs to Rs. 36.4 lakhs with an average salary of Rs. 20.0 lakhs.  

8. Business Developer: 

Business developer jobs cannot be missed when talking about the best work from home job options in India. At the base level, all work is about increasing sales for the product or service for any corporate, and business developers are the ones who bring in new customers. So, if you are interested in helping a brand grow, this job guarantees interesting work with higher pay levels. Starting salaries for business developers range from 25K – 30K and are often incentive-based. 

9. HR Recruiter:

Companies will always need a human workforce, so the need for HR recruiters will never end. As a recruiter, you must source the right candidates, screen their resumes, conduct interviews, handle history checks, and more. You may also have to source the best candidates from your competitor brands as a recruiter. HR recruiters’ starting salary is 22K, and some companies even offer incentives. 

10. Virtual Assistant:     

Companies are now looking to hire virtual assistants over real-time ones. You would perform certain administrative duties, keeping track of company data and files, organizing and scheduling meetings, managing sales data, and tracking blogs and online presence. If you are a virtual assistant to specific people in a company, your work may be more diverse depending on the person or people you are assigned to. The average salary of a virtual assistant ranges from Rs. 1.2 lakhs to Rs. 5.4 lakhs in India, with an average salary of Rs. 2.6 lakhs. 


Here’sHere’s our list of the top 10 highest work-from-home job which has highest salary in India that allow you the best freedom, flexibility and the highest payments possible. You can work in these job roles from anywhere around the world. But remember, even if you work from home, these jobs require focus, attention and passion. So, have a dedicated workspace to help channel your creativity in the right direction. 

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