10 Social media marketing interview questions

In the past decade, social media has emerged as one of the most essential strings in the bow of business marketing. In fact, corporate leaders are viewing social media as one of the best options to connect with customers. Even the business world agrees that social media marketing is the most important aspect of today’s digital world. But, most brands will tell you that they are not doing well. This is because they do not have a specific social media manager. 

Social media managers are known to oversee the research, plan, deliver and analyze the social media strategy. But, if you want to be hired as one, you need to know the nitty-gritty involved. Here are 10 interview questions you might be asked in the selection process. 

10 Social Media Marketing Interview Questions That You May Be Asked

1) What Social Media Platforms Would You Recommend For My Brand? 

This question asks two main questions to candidates: 

  • They need to have an understanding of the different social media platforms available. 
  • They need to have an in-depth knowledge of the company’s strategy 

If you want to appear to be well-prepared, then do your homework. Find out more details about the company online, whether it is an eCommerce, B2B, B2C or local brand. Then check what they are doing online, and what you would recommend. 

2) What Social Media Tools Have You Used? 

Social media managers need to use some software tools for multiple aspects of the job. The applications they use are not particularly important, but their purpose and need should be important. Some tools that candidates can mention are: 

  • Scheduling tools: Buffer, Sendible 
  • Analytics tools: Google Analytics, HubSpot 
  • Listening tools: Sprout Social, Hootsuite

Multiple social media tools on the market provide these capabilities. 

3) Which Metrics Are Important When Analyzing Social Media Marketing Content? 

Data and analytics are the core of social media management. With the present evolution of the platforms, there is no shortage of data available to understand how the content is performing. If anything there is too much data out there. 

Some key metrics to follow are: 

  • Conversions – purchases, downloads 
  • Engagement – likes, shares and comments

4) How Is Seo Linked To Social Media Strategy? 

SEO is another important concept of digital marketing. But, in the social media marketing aspect SEO is often overlooked. If you want to appear as a strong candidates do not make this mistake. A few ideas you can give to showcase how social media ranking can indirectly improve search engine optimization are: 

  • Linking website content in social media posts 
  • Having posts shared by customers 
  • Optimization of images 
  • Optimizing social media profiles 
  • Building an active social media following that visits the website 

5) If There Is A Brand Crisis On Social Media, How Do You Deal With It? 

Crisis in a brand’s reputation on social media is one place where a social media manager can shine. While most candidates may not have dealt with a situation like this, they should know how to tackle it. 

A strong answer most companies look for is to address the crisis immediately and to postpone any scheduled social media posts. Social media channels should be used to address the crisis only during this period. The statement shared should also acknowledge the criticism directly and outline how the brand plans to make amendments. 

6) In Your Opinion, What Is A Poor Social Media Presence? 

As a potential candidate, you need to be able to identify some of the important aspects that highlight poor social media management. These can include: 

  • Lacking a clear strategy 
  • Lacking engagement with the target audience 
  • Low content quality
  • Infrequent posting 
  • Poor timing of posts 

7) How To Allocate Your Social Media Budget? 

A social media manager is well-versed in budget allocation. So, you need to know where you can spend money to help maximize ROIs. But the decision, in the end, rests on the business owner. Other than labor costs, a large amount is required for paid ads on specific platforms that have higher traffic. Subscriptions to third-party tools are also another requirement. 

8) How Do You Deal With Troll Accounts? 

Trolls are known to damage the company’s reputation, and companies need to have a process in place to deal with these trolls in a professional manner. You should suggest making the following suggestions: 

  • Investing in the moderation of content 
  • Responding with facts 
  • Blocking the troll accounts 
  • Ignoring the comments 
  • Responding with humor

Ultimately, the right approach depends on the context of the situation. 

9) What Are The Cost-Free Options To Improve Social Media Strategy? 

For brands, social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase company presence. As a social media manager, you need to plan how to enhance the strategy without excess costs. One idea that you can give is to refocus on platforms where their audience is present and to give a clear strategy to generate ideas for new content. 

10) What Role Does Social Media Play In Lead Generation? 

Social media is at the heart of a company’s lead generation, and you should know how it can be used to amplify a brand and its products. Some lead generation strategies to include in social media include: 

  • Creation of lead magnets 
  • Running of paid ads 
  • Partnering with influencers 
  • Launching referral campaigns 
  • Hosting social media events 


If you are preparing yourself for an interview as a social media manager, it is best to prepare a concept or strategy rather than the definitions. You need to be able to highlight how you can help the company grow, rather than providing bookish terms. Showcase how you can improve their social media channels and make them the next brand to look out for in the market. After all, that is what everyone wants in the end, for their brand to become the next big thing! If you want to learn the basics of Social media marketing MCTA provides the best social media and digital marketing courses in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.