How do digital marketing institutes select the Best Trainers

The race to become the best digital marketer in the industry is one that is ever-evolving. You need to keep yourself updated with everything from new strategies to new algorithm updates. So, to train the next generation of digital marketers, Digital Marketing Institutes are growing exponentially. So, how do you choose which institute is better?

Before enrolling, you need to be aware of factors such as what the course is, who the trainer is, and how much the course will cost. This will help you weed out the fake institutes from the real ones. 

But how do you know whether the institute has the best trainers? How can you tell if the training being provided is relevant to the latest industry standards? 

Let’s take a look: 

  • Check The Education/Professional Experience Of Trainers: 

When joining a Digital Marketing Institute, you will be privy to information such as the number of students trained, the names of the trainers, and the combined years of experience. Check the details of the trainers on the prospectus. If you see that the trainers have good experience with branded companies, then you can consider the institution. See how many years of experience they have and which sector they have worked in. 

  • Ask Students Who Are Studying In The Institute Or Have Graduated From It: 

Another way to check if the trainers are good is to connect with present or graduated students. This can be done using LinkedIn or Facebook groups. Check if there is a specific group of students in the institute. Connect with them and ask them about the trainers – how well do they teach? Is the study material relevant to today’s industry? And any other information they might be willing to provide. If you know anyone who is studying in the institute, ask them about the trainers and get their honest reviews. 

  • Check Online Reviews That Are Specific To The Trainers:

When checking digital marketing institutes, you need to check any online reviews or testimonials other than the ones mentioned on the website. See if there are any reviews about the trainers. You can also post a comment and as the reviewer for more details. See if you can gather details about the teaching method of the trainers and how they have helped the students. Make sure to keep it professional and do not be derogatory online.  

  • Connect With The Trainers Directly To Ask Your Queries: 

Another great way to find out if the trainers in a digital marketing institute are good or not is to connect with them directly. If you know which field you are interested in, then talk to the trainers specialized in that field directly. Look for their profiles on LinkedIn and send them a message about your query. Try to ask them about any brutal campaign they ran and how they helped brands create their strategies. Keep it formal and ask them questions about the industry and the study material from the institute. 

  • Connect With The Institute To Find Out More Information:

If you are still unsure about the trainer’s experience, then you can directly talk to the Digital Marketing Institute to find out more. Gather as much information as possible from the institute’s initial conversations. Check their brochure and ask for specific details about the trainers that teach the subjects you are interested in.  

  • Check Their Linkedin Page: 

One of the easiest ways to know just how experienced your trainer is is by checking their LinkedIn profile. Most working professionals have a LinkedIn account that highlights their work experience. Check to see which brands they are associated with, and see if you can find any content, reviews, or information about their work. 

  • Check Other Social Media Channels:

As digital marketing trainers, most people will have their own YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram professional page. Check to see if they have any official profiles and go through their work. See how relevant it is to the industry or how they have inculcated their passion into their work. 


When looking at multiple digital marketing institutes to take a course, the first thing you will notice is the trainers. If the institute boasts about experienced trainers with reviews from students highlighting how they have helped them enter the industry, then you can take a look. Finding suitable trainers is what makes a difference, especially when learning a course that will help boost your career or even give your present one a jump-start. 

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