Top 10 best institute for digital marketing in Mumbai with Placement

When looking for Digital Marketing Courses, you must choose a good institute that helps enhance your skills and helps you make a career out of your dreams. Multiple career prospects are available to digital marketers in Mumbai, but to be applicable for those jobs, you need proper certifications and training. 

So, Here’s Our Top 10 List Of Best Institutes For Digital Marketing in Mumbai. 

1. Marketing Courses Training Academy (MCTA):

Next on our list of the best institute for digital marketing in Mumbai is MCTA. With multiple courses in digital marketing, the institute has short- and long-term courses available. You can choose between the two-course types – a Master’s Program in Digital Marketing or Executive Program in Digital Marketing for a long duration. Short-duration courses are based on expertise like SEO, SEM, Email Marketing and more. 

What the institute offers: 

  1. ISO 9001:2015 certification 
  2. Classroom-driven course with over 80+ hours of learning 
  3. Flexible batch timing 
  4. Well-structured modules 
  5. Industry recognized certifications 
  6. 100% placement support  

Course duration: 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on the duration of the course 

Topics Covered: 

  1. Search Engine Optimization 
  2. Search Engine Marketing 
  3. Google Analytics 
  4. WhatsApp and Webchat 
  5. Mobile Marketing 
  6. Social Media Marketing 
  7. eCommerce and Drop-shipping 
  8. Media Buying and Planning 

Fees: Approximately Rs. 65,000 (for long-duration courses) 

Hiring Partners: 

  1. Accenture 
  2. NeoSoft 
  3. Wipro 
  4. Hindustan Times 
  5. Justdial 
  6. Nerolac 
  7. The Times of India 
  8. Kotak Mahindra Bank 
  9. BookMyShow 
  10. Bank of Baroda 
  11. MRF 

2. IIM Skills – 

If you are looking for the best institute for digital marketing in Mumbai, IIM Skills is perfect for you. With over 40 digital marketing modules, an extensive program spanning 180 hours, and live interactive sessions, this institute is perfect for students wanting a jump-start in their education. 

What the institute offers: 

  1. 180+ hours of digital marketing training 
  2. 120+ hours of assignments 
  3. 60+ hours of live training sessions 
  4. Masters’ certification and 15 other exam certifications that include Google, Facebook and HubSpot 

Course duration: 3 months + 2 months paid internship 

Topics Covered: 

  1. Search Engine Optimization 
  2. Content Writing 
  3. Social Media Marketing 
  4. Inbound Marketing 
  5. Search Engine Marketing 
  6. Email Marketing 
  7. Web Analytics 

Fees: Approximately Rs. 30,000 + GST 

Hiring Partners: 

  2. Zomato 
  3. Accenture 
  4. Infosys 
  5. Zoho 
  6. Emirates 
  7. HDFC Bank 

3. Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE) 

Considered one of the best institutes for digital marketing in Mumbai, this fast-growing institute has already trained over 20,000 students over a few years. The institute’s strategic approach towards its curriculum is to Learn, Apply and Evaluate. To strengthen their knowledge, students are provided in-depth training from industry experts and case studies. Next, they must apply it practically to see how it works in the real world. Finally, they are evaluated based on quantifiable metrics.

What the institute offers: 

  1. 100% Live and interactive sessions 
  2. Over 3 recognized certifications 
  3. Complete 100% internship support 

Course duration: 6 months

Topics Covered: The course is divided into two sections – Executive and Managerial Skills 

Executive Skills Course

Website Planning and Creation  Website Creation and Planning
Search Engine Optimization  Remarketing 
Social Media Marketing  Mobile Marketing 
Media Planning  Blogging and Content Marketing 
Content Strategy  Affiliate Marketing 
Email Marketing  Influencer Management 
Online Reputation Management 
Web Analytics


Managerial Skills Course

Agency Introduction 
Client Briefing 
Art of Pitching 
Campaign Creation for Clients
Reporting and Evaluation 
Client Oriented Strategy Planning 


Fees: Approximately Rs. 1,00,000 

Hiring Partners: 

  1. Gozoop
  2. Foxymoron 
  3. Havas Media 
  4. ColorBar 
  5. Social Kinnect 
  6. Togglehead and 100+ more 

4. Freelancers Academy: 

Next on our list of the best institute for digital marketing in Mumbai is Freelancers Academy. With over 7 years of experience, this institute offers its students a unique insight into the world of digital marketing – through its digital marketing agency – Anuvaa. Students can utilize their theoretical knowledge in a formal atmosphere and have the opportunity to work with clients across the globe. 

What the institute offers: 

  1. Online and Classroom training 
  2. Expert teachers that guide students 
  3. Exposure to a live digital marketing company, Anuvaa 

Course duration: 6 months – 2 months classroom training + 4 months live project and internship 

Topics Covered: 

  1. Search Engine Marketing 
  2. Search Engine Optimization 
  3. Display Advertising 
  4. Social Media Marketing 
  5. Online Reputation Management 
  6. Mobile Marketing 
  7. Google Analytics 
  8. Social Media Automation 
  9. WordPress 
  10. Email Marketing 
  11. App Store Optimization 

Fees: Approximately Rs. 35,000

5. Digital Vidya:

Another frontrunner in the best institute for digital marketing in Mumbai is Digital Vidya. The institute has trained over 35000+ students, professionals and entrepreneurs in the last 10 years. With online and classroom certification training options, the institute provides students with 100% placement opportunities. 

What the institute offers: 

  1. 44 modules 
  2. 100 classroom training hours 
  3. 13 certifications 
  4. 250+ placement partners 
  5. 100% placement assistance 

Topics Covered: 

  1. Search Engine Optimization 
  2. Social Media Marketing 
  3. Search Engine Marketing 
  4. Inbound Marketing 
  5. Facebook Marketing 
  6. Email Marketing 
  7. Web Analytics 
  8. Other Digital Marketing Topics 

Fees: Approximately Rs. 49,900 + GST for Online Training 

Approximately Rs. 59,900 + GST for Classroom Training

Hiring Partners: Over 250+ placement partners 

6. Optron Academy: 

Optron Academy is considered one of the best digital marketing institutes in Mumbai, providing students with an in-depth understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem. The institute provides classroom training with placement assistance and internship options. Their teachers have more than 10+ years of experience in the different fields of digital marketing. 

What the institute offers: 

  1. In-depth knowledge of the integral aspects of the digital marketing sector 
  2. Complete Classroom training 
  3. 95% placement assistance 
  4. Over 200+ placement partners 

Course duration: 3 months to 1-year courses

Topics Covered: 

  1. Introduction to digital marketing 
  2. SEO + PPC 
  3. Social Media Marketing 
  4. Content Writing and Blogging 
  5. Email Marketing 
  6. YouTube Promotion 
  7. Lead Generation 
  8. Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning 
  9. Google Analytics 
  10. Digital Marketing Case Study 

Fees: Contact the institute to know more! 

Hiring Partners: Over 200+ Placement partners 

7. Operating Media:

If you want to know Mumbai’s oldest and most renowned institute, then Operating Media is the one for you. The institute offers multiple digital marketing courses specializing in SEO, PPC, SEM, Google Analytics and WordPress. Operating Media teaches more than 30+ Modules to help make you an expert digital marketing professional.   

What the institute offers: 

  1. Multiple specialized courses 
  2. Over 30+ modules 
  3. Expert digital marketing educators 
  4. Placement Assistance 

Course duration: 20+ and 30+ modules 

Topics Covered: 

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing 
  2. Website Creation 
  3. Introduction to SEO 
  4. SEO Reporting and Tools 
  5. Introduction to PPC 
  6. Social Media Marketing 
  7. Research and Bid Management 
  8. Google AdSense 
  9. Detailed Analysis and Report Interpretation 
  10. Email Guidelines 
  11. Google Tag Manager 

Fees: Contact the institute to know more! 

Hiring Partners: Over 200+ Placement partners 

8. Learning Catalyst:

Learning Catalyst is another institute that falls under Mumbai’s best digital marketing institutes. With a reputation for teaching niche topics in digital marketing, the practical training has state-of-the-art facilities in a practical setup. The institute provides easy batch flexibility so that people with regular jobs can also take the course.  

What the institute offers: 

  1. Niche courses in digital marketing 
  2. Experienced professors 
  3. Batch flexibility for students with regular jobs 
  4. Full placement assistance 

Course duration: 2-3 months 

Topics Covered: 

  1. SEO Tools 
  2. Internet Marketing 
  3. SEO for Websites 
  4. Google AdWords 
  5. Fundamentals of Analytics 
  6. Integrated Campaign Analysis 
  7. Online Reputation management 
  8. Social Media Optimization 

Fees: Approximately Rs. 40,000 

Hiring Partners: Jio Lifestyle, Bajaj Capital, Pivotroots, Nielsen, etc. 

9. TBS Digital Marketing Institute: 

The Brand Salon, or TBS, is another digital marketing institute with more than 400+ batches. They are highly popular with entrepreneurs, professionals and students. They provide 100% placement assistance with internship options for their students. Their course is mainly offline and can be divided into the advanced program and Digital Marketing Certification Program. 

What the institute offers: 

  1. Trained more than 10000 students in over 400+ batches 
  2. Highly popular for entrepreneurs, professionals and students 
  3. 100% Placement assistance 
  4. Two courses – Advanced Program in Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing Certification 

Course duration: Depends on the course: 

Advanced Program in Digital Marketing – 5-6 months

Digital Marketing Certification Program – 3-4 months

Topics Covered: 

  1. Digital Marketing Overview 
  2. Search Engine Marketing 
  3. Content Writing and Blogging 
  4. Email Marketing 
  5. Pitch Presentation 
  6. Media Planning
  7. Digital PR 
  8. Web Analytics 
  9. Mobile Marketing 
  10. Landing Page Optimization 

Fees: Approximately Rs. 50,000 

Hiring Partners: Contact the institute for more details 

10. IIEDM: 

IIEDM is another prominent digital marketing institute in Mumbai that provides students with invaluable knowledge for budding digital professionals and marketers. With certifications from Google, Facebook and HubSpot, the institute has more than 40+ tools to implement in digital marketing practices. 

What the institute offers: 

  1. 100% job assistance 
  2. Practical training with live projects 
  3. Over 30+ modules 

Course duration: 4-5 months

Fees: Please contact the institute for more details 


When searching for the Best Digital Marketing Institute In Mumbaiyou will find hundreds of them. But look at institutes that offer placement and have the right companies associated with them. Also, check to see if the courses available are in the sectors you are interested in. Mumbai is an ever-evolving city which provides the best opportunities for people from all fields. And choosing an institute that will hone your skills is the perfect way to impact your career today. 

If you want a premier institute in Mumbai for digital marketing, choose MCTA! With experienced professors, 100% placement opportunities, availability of offline and online courses, and much more – you get the best! Connect with us to know more!