Join and Become an Amazon Affiliate

Want to earn money every time you post a review about your pet’s favorite chew toy or a phone holder that is a must-have?

Then try becoming an Amazon Affiliate or Amazon Associate.

As a newbie in the influencer world or someone wanting to make a little side income, the Amazon Affiliate program is the best option to help you grow. So, let’s discover how to get started and some tips to become an Amazon Affiliate.

What Do You Mean By Amazon Affiliate? 

Amazon Associates or Affiliates is an affiliate marketing program. This helps creators, bloggers, and influencers monetize their audience reach. Participants in this program earn a percentage of sales when customers come through their recommendations and make a purchase.

Amazon Associates must post the affiliate marketing link on their social media platform or website to get their followers to purchase the products. Anyone can join this program irrespective of the number of followers they have. But, the more significant your number of followers, the more commission you can make.

How Do Amazon Affiliates Work? 

What if there was a way you could make money just by recommending a product to your friends? That is what the Amazon Associates or Affiliates program does – it pays you to make suggestions.

Sign up for Amazon affiliates, and select what you want to promote. The next step is creating affiliate links while you browse. Log into your affiliate account and browse through Amazon. You will notice a “SiteStripe” toolbar on each product page. This will help generate photos and links for each product so you can easily share them on your social media channels or website. Each link you add to your website or social media has a built-in referral code. This will let Amazon know that the referral came from you.

When your referral purchases from your link, you will get a percentage of the sale emailed to you as an Amazon gift card or a monthly cheque.

How To Generate Money From The Amazon Affiliate Program? 

Realistically, applying for the Affiliate Program and becoming an associate is pretty straightforward. But the real problem lies in making enough sales to turn it into a source of income. 

Here are some tips to help you make money from the Amazon Associates Program:

Tip #1: Choosing The Right Niche:

If your website has everything from novels to home improvement to beauty products, then it is not a good idea to use it to become an Amazon Affiliate. Choose a single niche for your website to ensure your partnership with Amazon is beneficial.

This could be anything from DIYs to paleo cooking classes to pottery making. It should be something that you can keep writing about. This will allow you to insert products naturally without seeming too salesy.

Choosing a niche helps make you sound like an authority on the topic, as you will be talking about the same theme all the time. Also, when you focus on a single theme, the more your expertise grows, the lesser your competition becomes.

Tip #2: Write Comparison Blogs And Product Reviews:

As an Amazon Affiliate, the best way to make money is by creating comparisons and writing product reviews. This will give you the best opportunity to link all the products you are talking about. These posts are generally high-intent posts, as people willing to purchase the product are looking for reviews.

Product comparisons are perfect opportunities to sell; if a reader decides that one product is not for them, then you offer them multiple options. Either way, it is a win-win situation for you as, in the end, it is driving the referral from your website to Amazon.

Tip #3: Blogging Consistently:

At the core of a good affiliate strategy is blogging. This provides you with multiple opportunities to include product links and mentions. Try to upload at least one blog weekly, as quality matters more than quantity. A well-written and thoroughly researched blog will help drive more traffic from your website to Amazon than 20 poorly written blogs.

Create a content marketing strategy that helps you create posts that are relevant to your topic. Study SEO and how to optimize your website to help you rank in the top three on search engines.

Tip #4: Creating A Website Storefront:

You cannot only rely on blog mentions to help drive your readers to Amazon. You also need to show them visuals of the products. Creating a storefront page will help direct your audience to the products faster. The only difference in your website is that it will link to an Amazon product page instead of going to the checkout page like other eCommerce websites.

Storefront is perfect for those who do not want to write content constantly and need more time to update the pages. When visitors visit your storefront page, they can check the images and the product write-ups. A storefront page is not buried with other articles or blogs, making locating and going through easier.

Tip #5: Divert Traffic To Your Website With Ads On Search Engines And Social Media:

No matter how many blogs you write or products you link, if you do not have any traffic on your website, you will not earn a commission from Amazon. Start by investing in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads on Google and paid social media ads. This may seem tedious and expensive, but it can be highly beneficial in the long run. With the PPC model, you only pay someone when they click on your ads, so you are not wasting money.

Become an Amazon Affiliate Today! 

The Amazon Associates Program is a great way to gain passive income. Start by choosing a niche, writing content around the products within that niche, and remember to add the affiliate links. This way, you will reap the benefits of your hard work.

One word of advice, do not try to gatekeep your favorite products. Write the truth and see how your passive income grows with the Amazon Affiliate Program!