A Complete Guide To Digital Marketing Career In 2023

Choosing a profession is a difficult endeavour. Finding something you enjoy doing while also seeking things like security, advancement opportunities, etc., is essential.

Many students need to see a future for them in digital marketing. The digital marketing industry is growing rapidly, and the job prospects are bright. This trend is expected to continue through 2023.

Here, however, is everything you need to know to launch a successful career in digital marketing.

How Will Current Developments In Digital Marketing Affect The Future Of Related Professions?

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. Thus, technology advances virtually daily. The following five digital marketing developments will affect jobs and the industry in 2023.

1. Customised Marketing

By 2023, it’s predicted to dominate digital marketing. Personalised marketing sends adverts to persons who have shown interest in such things. Modern technologies can gather consumer data to help organisations personalise their marketing strategy for each customer.

2. Customer Opinion

AI and ML can help firms understand customers’ preferences. This data may improve customer service. Customer satisfaction-focused companies may outperform competitors and strengthen customer connections. Digital marketers can utilise this inclination to create long-term marketing strategies.

3. Influencer Marketing

It’s a popular online advertising approach. This strategy relies on social media influencers to promote a company’s products.¬†

It’s a great strategy for addressing both a large and specific audience. The success and popularity of this movement ensure that it will carry on.

4. Voice Search Optimisation 

Optimising content for voice search is becoming increasingly important as the use of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant increases. Marketers must modify their SEO approaches to address voice-based queries and supply succinct, conversational responses.

5. Mobile Marketing

Mobile devices are the primary means of consuming digital content in developing countries like India. Mobile optimisation, mobile-first design, and the utilisation of mobile apps are all areas of interest for marketers right now because of their potential to create meaningful connections with consumers.

How Can Digital Marketers Maintain Their Place in the Modern Market?

If you want to build a name for yourself in digital marketing, here are some tips for staying ahead of the curve.

1. Accept Robotic Assistance

AI and automation are here to stay, and digital marketers need to understand how to use them to their advantage. Artificial intelligence can be used to assess customer information and enhance advertising efforts.

2. Google Search History Recording

Google ranks among the top search engines worldwide. Google is the default search engine nowadays. Marketers can learn about shifts and advances in their field by monitoring Google search data.

3. Always Keep Your Eyes on the Market

Keeping an eye on the competition is crucial. Competitors’ use of social media, websites, and other promotional tools can be deduced through careful analysis. This data can help marketers keep up with the latest resources and technologies.

4. Find out what’s happening in the world via social media

Marketers can take advantage of emerging trends by monitoring social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

What Are The Hottest New Skills In Digital Marketing, And Where Can I Find Them?

The discipline of digital advertising is always developing. Professionals with specialised skills will be in great demand as new technologies develop. In 2023, these will be some of the most promising new specialisations in digital advertising.

1. Brand Storyteller

A brand storyteller is someone who creates and communicates the story of a brand. They develop interesting, informative content that speaks to the intended audience and effectively communicates the brand’s values, mission, and USPs. Brand storytellers create a deeper connection with consumers, raise brand recognition, and mould the brand’s identity through material, graphics, and messaging. This position is mostly concerned with content creation, while branding does play a part.

Brand storytellers earn an average of Rs.60,000 per year.

2. Growth Manager

An organisation needs a growth manager to speed up its expansion. They employ data-driven tactics and experimentation to find new areas of development, fine-tune existing marketing initiatives, and increase conversion rates. To enhance the client base, revenue, and company expansion, growth managers analyse metrics, do market research, and implement techniques, including A/B testing, user acquisition, retention strategies, and referral programmes. This position is sometimes called a “Growth Hacker” in tech businesses.

The typical annual salary for a growth manager is Rs. 12,000.

3. SEO and Content Strategist

A content and SEO strategist works to boost a website’s visibility in search engine results and bring in visitors through organic means. They identify topics of interest to the target audience, devise content strategies, and produce content of high quality and relevance. To increase the site’s organic traffic and exposure, content and SEO strategists work to optimise the site’s web pages, blog posts, and other content assets for search engines.

On average, content and SEO strategist’s annual salary is Rs. 4,000.

4. User Experience Manager

The job of a User Experience (UX) manager is to guarantee that customers are completely content when using a company’s products or services. To enhance the user experience, their main concerns are learning about user habits, carrying out usability tests, and hearing from users. Their mission is to design engaging products and services focusing on customer needs.

User Experience Managers typically earn a salary of Rs. 24,000 a year.

5. Conversion Rate Manager

Experts in conversion rate optimisation work to raise the proportion of visitors who take action on a website. Experts in this field analyse user behaviour, locate roadblocks to conversion, and make necessary adjustments to the user interface to boost conversion rates.

The typical salary of a manager of exchange rates is Rs. 670,000 per year.


There is a lot of room to grow in a digital marketing career. A good mentor is all you need to launch a prosperous professional life. Joining MCTA – Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai is an option. If you want to build a name for yourself in the field of digital marketing, our mentor will point you in the right direction. We hope this article has answered your questions about a future in digital marketing. As we said before, you’re getting closer to selecting a great choice for your professional future.