Digital Marketing  is the most sought after course among students as well as professionals. If you are looking to join a digital marketing course, you need to ensure that the course covers all the topics in Digital Marketing along with practical training.

At MCTA, our advanced digital marketing course covers over 20 modules with 100 hours of intensive classroom and hands-on training. Students learn from experienced instructors who have real-world experience in digital marketing, and they gain hands-on experience with the latest digital marketing tools and technologies.

You can download our syllabus and find more information about our course from the link below.

Digital Marketing course in Mumbai

Online Digital Marketing Course


Given below are the 20 modules covered in the digital marketing course.

  • WordPress – Learn how to create your own website for business and how to create & manage your blog with keyword rich content to increase your exposure and rankings
  • Landing Page Design – Learn how to create landing pages using Elementor plugin on WordPress
  • SEO and Google Search Console – In this module, you will master on various tools and techniques involved in getting your website appear in the top positions of search engines.
  • Google Analytics and Tag Manager – Here you learn everything about Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools to analyse some interesting statistics on your website performance.
  • Search Engine Marketing – Here you learn everything about Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools to analyse some interesting statistics on your website performance.
  • Google Adsense and Display Ads – Here you learn everything about Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools to analyse some interesting statistics on your website performance.
  • Content Writing – Learn what are the main forms of content, basic editing of images and infograpics.
  • Social Media Marketing – This comprehensive module covers both organic and paid marketing across social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Blogging and many more.
  • Online Reputation Management – In ORM module you will learn how to manage business reviews and encourage happy clients to contribute more positive feedback. Whereas in Social Media Automation takes into scheduling of posts ahead with the help of automated tools.
  • E Mail Marketing – Master on all the best practices of email marketing including mailers, strategy, email software, reports & analytics.
  • Drip Marketing and E Mail Automation – This covers the lead nurturing process and best practices to improve your lead to conversion rate with the help of communication automation drip marketing techniques.
  • E Commerce and Drop Shipping – In this 4-hour session, you will learn advanced strategies for starting and growing your e-commerce business using dropshipping. You will cover topics such as:
  • Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to monetize your online content. This session will teach you how you can start earning a passive income as an affiliate marketer.
  • Influencer Marketing – Learn the art to grow most loyal customers & increase brand awareness with the help of an influencer such as celebrity, blogger etc.
  • Media Buying and Planning – This module will train you on all aspects involved in the selection of a right platform and right techniques to executive your advertising campaigns effectively.
  • Mobile Marketing – In this module, we cover all the key elements involved in Mobile Marketing such as SMS marketing, Advertisement on mobile applications, Push notifications etc.
  • Mobile App Creation – Learn the art of building and designing a mobile application.
  • Webinar Marketing – Learn how to create, market and run successful Webinars.
  • Tik Tok Ads – In this module , you’ll learn how to create TikTok ads to promote your products or services.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing – Learn how to set up your automation marketing ecosystem through various Digital Marketing platforms covering AI tools in content creation, curation, consumer behaviour and Many more.

So as you can see our Digital marketing syllabus covers all the major modules that a students needs to know to be an expert in this field.

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