Akshay Patil

Akshay Patil

Digital Marketing Trainer & Consultant

Backed with solid experience of 22 years, Akshay Patil is a valuable member of our digital marketing faculty. His journey as a computer trainer began way back in 1998. Ever since then, his skills have constantly evolved with changing times pertaining to the advancements in technology.

He has been meddling in the world of digital marketing training for the past 9 years. His experience and understanding of the subject matter make him a pro in the field of digital marketing.

Together with his valuable insights, he has helped many MNC’s and struggling start-ups realise their goals. Many entrepreneurs owe their success to Akshay’s timely and proficient aid in helping them dominate their digital marketing space, and launch strategies that have garnered them with loyal customers and enviable success in the industry.

Akshay has many accolades to his name, that testify to his mettle when it comes to digital marketing. Akshay with his intuitive digital skills, cerebral approach to business initiatives and relentless perseverance has gained much appreciation among both the colleagues and clients that have had the pleasure of working with him.

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