Ashwini Desai

Ashwini Desai

Founder at DigitalTree

Ashwini Desai is a digital marketing strategist, consultant, and trainer with more than 6+ years of experience. Ashwini founded an international digital marketing agency – DigitalTree and has worked at companies like Zycus, Hurix, Appetals etc. Also, she has worked with various training institutes training students to create a successful career to professionals having more than 30 years of experience to help them grow in their business endeavors. She has a creative and practical marketing mind. She believes digital media to be one of the efficient and effective ways of reaching relevant customers at right time in the right context for making revenue for any business. Ashwini began her digital marketing journey right from her internship days post her Master in Business Management and Engineering. She has an extensive experience in both B2B and B2C domain and has worked on projects belonging to industries like eLearning, food, IT products, finance, news, and entertainment.

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