Saurabh Choudhary

Saurabh Choudhary

Entrepreneur, Professional Blogger, Author, Coach, Speaker, E- commerce & Drop-shipping Expert

Saurabh Choudhary is a leading digital marketing specialist having several years of experience in the field of Social Media Marketing, Brand Marketing, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, and ORM. Through his expertise in the field of professional digital marketing, Saurabh has been successful in several high-end, global organizations in countries like India, USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the Maldives. His vast expertise has helped several companies grow, build, and protect the reputable, strong online presence –leading to the development of new, lucrative businesses for the respective organizations. Saurabh is currently serving as the Digital Marketing Head at a leading MNC based in Mumbai. His current role is the creation & management of effective digital marketing plans for all the respective clients and getting the things completed by the given deadlines. He is also an author of the book ” Psycho Marketing.”

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