Digital Marketing Training Franchise

Revenue Model

One Time Franchise Fee 2,00,000
Monthly Counsellor Salary – Brone by you 40,000
Monthly Digital Marketing Cost to Generate Leads – You pay this to MCTA 35,000
Minimum Monthly Leads Shared by MCTA with you 50
Total Sales you need to make 75,000
No. of admiddion you have to complete in a month 15
Revenue Min generated average ticket size @ 50k per admission 7,50,000
Franchise Monthly Revenue @35% of sales revenue 2,62,500
Franchise Monthly Net Profit 1,87,500


  • Premises area of minimum 650-750 sq.ft.
  • Initial investment of INR 15L-20L
  • Passion towards imparting knowledge

Financial Contract

  • Franchisee Fee: Rs. 6L + GST
  • Monthly Royalty – 20% on collections
  • Return on Investment: Expected monthly sale between INR 8L-12L


Looking for a business which will get you ROI in just 6 months.

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