Organic Vs Paid search

Maintaining online presence is a must for any organisation in today’s scenario irrespective of the size. Search Engines play a vital role in consumers life today as they are vitally used for searching all sort of information.

So there are two ways to appear on Search engine result page. One is via Organic and other is Paid. Organic Vs Paid search, both aim to increase traffic to our website and there by resulting in sales.

Organic search Vs Paid Search. Which one is better?

Organic Vs Paid Search which is better? is a debatable topic from long time.
Organic search is based on unpaid and natural rankings, which are primarily based on the search engine algorithms. Such searches can be made useful with the help of SEO tools and techniques. On the other hand, paid searches to follow the payment approach where you need to pay to the service provider to enable your ad to appear on the search results page and a person uses specific phrases and keywords to access it. Using these methods would help in increasing the visibility of your website over the search engines, which would eventually help you to reach out to wider audiences.
You cannot consider any one of these techniques to be supremely useful for you as both of these methods have their pros and cons.
Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of organic Vs Paid search :

Pros of Organic Search

Cost :
One of the most important benefits of organic search traffic is the advantage with respect to cost. The pay-per-clicks ads provide a guarantee of putting your company’s links in front of the potential website visitors. When you implement SEO principles, the cost-per-click for the organic search traffic becomes zero, which gives your company an edge over the competitors who remain stuck in pay-per-click options. If you are a start-up and are not looking to invest in online ads, then it would be best to adopt this search technique and figure out whether it works for you.

Credibility :
Organic site traffic is highly credible, and the companies take exclusively paid approach to site traffic that often take a back seat in terms of credibility. By targeting the organic traffic, online marketing teams can make a solid reputation and online presence.

Competition :
When pursued, organic search traffic can block your competitors’ online presence. By putting your attention in improving your organic search traffic, you can ensure that your site appears in the search ranking.

Better Click through Rate : Click through rates are better as compared to paid search where there is higher purchase intent of the buyer.

Cons of Organic Search

Timely process :
There are times when you do not see any results for weeks or even months while performing an organic search. It takes time to come on the first page and that too on the top position. Creating content that is engaging and would help in improving the rank of the website exponentially is a time taking process. Even sometimes search engines take time to crawl your website.

More Resources : One can come on the top only through right selection of keywords and optimizing SEO Tactics. It requires constant effort from the SEO team to maintain its position. Above all content being the king, Good quality content on a timely basis need to be updated on the wensite.

Unknown updates :
Search engines like Google are completely unpredictable as they keep rolling updates to which you need to keep yourself updated to stay in the game. These algorithm updates come with no or little warning, which can create havoc among the SEO analysts. This means that the campaigns that you might have been working on for months need to be changed overnight, which can create a lot of problems.

Now let us shift our attention toward paid search and figure out the little details about it.

Pros of Paid Search

Paid search targeting means that you need to structure your SEM strategy in such a manner that it maximizes the chances of getting your ads to reach the right set of consumers. As SEM is based on keyword searching, there are a lot of opportunities that you can use to customize your campaign. You can tailor different campaigns for different audience.
The platforms that are used for paid search advertising have target settings with the help of which you can plan how and when you want the consumers to see your ads. Moreover, you will come to know about the different targeting tools that can help in capturing the interest of the consumers and draw their attention.

Immediate Results
The paid ads are the first thing that the customers see when they type in a query on the search engine. This type of positioning is perfect for your business, as it helps in creating brand awareness. In addition, you will eventually get more conversions. Even if searchers do not click on your ads, your site will appear on the top of the search engine, which would help in building your online presence in real-time.

You get more traffic
If you are a start-up and trying to build an online reputation, then there is no better choice than paid ads as they help in setting up your business faster. Between organic and paid methods, the latter one is far more easier and would positively affect your online presence.

So, if your website is not ranking for the SEO keywords, then you should try out the paid search engine marketing first.

Cons of Paid Search

Not permanent :
The ads will stop displaying once the user stops payment to the search engines.

Costly Affair :
Paid ads are very costly: You will need to pay every single time a user clicks on your ad and that pricing might vary depending on the industry competition along with the algorithms that the search engines might have setup.

Click thorough Rate not up to mark : Click through rate is usually lower in Paid ads. Users also consider Organic results as trust worthy and more reliable.

Search ads cannot be shared
For companies that are trying to build their brand name beyond the target market, paid searches would not work effectively. There is no way in which people can share your ads across online platforms through these ads which means that you cannot on your audiences’ to help you spread the word.

On a final note, as both of these have several advantages associated with them, it would be best to make a balanced use to avail complete benefits for your business. You must determine your business requirements and figure out which of these methods would yield you great results so that you can see consistent improvements in your business that will lead to its growth.

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